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thanks, Gill !! Your lessons are always interesting!!


Thank you Gill for this interesting lesson as usual.


I got 7/9 and wrong at unconventional, now i got it. Thank Gill

nguyen van long

I am here to lenmore and meet friends


thankyou..i improve my grammar skills and pharses skills too.its an interessting lesson for me..thankyou once again

sidra tanwir

i got 7/9 and wrong at un conventional and annoyed..now i got it.thanks gill

sidra tanwir

Thank you)) Everything is clear. 9/9

Osipova Elena

Gill, it was an interesting lesson, thank you!

Leonid Ramzaev

Thank you so much Gill!!
As always, you explain all the expressions carefully and in detailed with interesting examples so that we can remember all of them.


    in detail*


Great lesson! Congratulations!


It is very interesting lesson.
You can explain everything ;)
Thank you very much!

Martin Po

Your eхplanation is great as usual

proverbial horse

Dear Gill, hope find you well!
Dod you teach student via internat? If yes, we may further talk . Is that possible to leave your contact information ? Like SKYPE or EMAIL and so on .


    Hello – you can send me an email message via the EngVid website, and they will forward it to me. Best wishes, Gill :-)


I mean one by one, like my doughther has been taough by a English teacher via ZOOM or ZHUMU. I have watched so many your teaching videos and i like your class and the way you speaking. It souds clear and easy.


I got 5/9 but
Thanks a lot for the lessons Gill


what a teacher, thank you!!!


What a great teacher. Thank you very much Gill!!!




Very interesting lesson!!I didn’t expect that the world “wall” could could be use in so many expressions


I’ve got 8 correct of 9. Quite an interesting lesson and well explained. Thank you, teacher.

Afonso Heraldo Petta

thank you so

ahmed kamel osman

Great lesson, Gill!

Those idioms are really practical and useful too. Most of them are different here in Brazil.

As far as I could understand, most of the idiomatic expressions involving the word “wall” have a negative meaning, in my opinion. It represents something that keeps you from doing another thing, or is making you suffer somehow.

I also like the Biblical explanation. It’s quite interesting.

Many thanks!

Eduardo França

Thanks for the interesting lesson :) It was very good, I learned new expressions, and now I understand some others I’ve heard before but I wasn’t sure what they meant.


Hello.. thank you for the magnificent pronunciation ; and for the entire lesson of course


Hello.. thank you for the magnificent pronunciation ; and for the entire lesson of course

Bubacarr Sumundu

9 /9
Thank you Jill, hugs. (Kazakhstan, 07 october2021);


Hi, Gill! 8 correct out of 9! I need to beef up my knowledge ↑

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