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Wow I️ can’t believe it

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    Yes, Lashun, congratulations on being the first one to comment! Thanks for watching and writing!

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10/10 ☺ super great lesson rebecca. I want thousands and thousands more such lessons. I really needed them. I would like to optimize my relationship with you in order learn English more effectively and to speak like rebecca! 😊

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    Thank you so much for your very warm words Annie. I will be releasing more vocabulary hacks for sure! I wish you all the best.

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    Could you please repeat the 10th question?

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Thank you, Rebecca. Great job

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thanks Rebecca for maximizing our vocabularies

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    Congrats on using the new vocab, Yasser!

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You got 9 correct out of 9.

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Thank you very much Rebecca for the optimization!! Great lesson!! :-))

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Thanks Rebecca, this lesson was great… I learned new words..

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Thank you Rebecca !

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Dear Teacher thank you for optimizing my english.I have seen all your videos

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Everyday I try to optimize my short time in order to maximize my english learninig through Engvid videos . Memorization is not enough and to read books is not sufficient – we need to watch wonderful classes with acclaimed native teachers as prof Rebeca . I am glad to find your lessons . thanks to Engvid team . I always recommend and advertise my friends about this affordable way of learn english ( on line videos)

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    Wow, Ravba, that was such an amazing comment! Thank you so much for your warm words and congratulations on including so much new vocabulary in your feedback. Thank you also for sharing our website with your friends. I wish you all the best, Ravba.

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I’m improving my English with Vocabulary Hack Video.
Thanks a lot Rebecca.

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Great. This lesson will optimize my study English.
Take care, teacher.

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I would like to optimize a friendship with you Rebecca in order to learn more and more English. Thank you for all the lesson that you do, bye for now and good luck with your life

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    Thanks, dfantauzzi769, for your kind words and for continuing to leave meaningful comments. I hope you have been well.Take care, my optimized friend!

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      Don’t mention it it is the minimum that I can do. Take care you too, byeeeeeeeeeeeee

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    hi friend,
    hope you are fine. could you please help me out in improving English? any assistance will be appreciated.

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Yes thanks, I optimize my english courses

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Thanks teacher….!!

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Its appriciating..wow

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I would like to optimize my time so that way I can prioritize my tasks to focus on maximize my English vocabulary. Thank you teacher.

I have a question, I can not a sufix to all the words, so, what’s the pattern or the rule to add a sufix in a word?

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    Well, it’s not easy to know exactly when to use the suffix, but the first step is to be aware of such a possibility so you pay more attention when you hear these words. The second is to download the free resource I have written with over 200 such words, to help expand your vocabulary. Go through the list and choose the words you like and start using them while speaking and writing English. Here’s the link, my friend:


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      Thank you so much! )

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I have a question, I can not add a sufix to all the words, so, what’s the pattern or the rule to add a sufix in a word?

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I’d like to optimize my thanks, Rebecca !

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Hi i am looking for an english native speaker to speaking with to improve my english language skills.

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I would like to optimize my English skills in order to have a better undestanding from movies, videos, when talking to english speakers or foreigners and improve my own career. Thank you Rebecca!

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    Great, your determination will get you far, John B. Thanks so much for your warm feedback and all the best to you.

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Very useful lesson, 9/9.

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Thank you a lot, 8/9

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Thank you. I got 7/9

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Hi, popular teacher it was amazing lesson because i availed more from it in my view i think it is best way to evolve myself in vocabulary memorization.
faithful thanks

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    Glad you found the lesson helpful, Hamory. All the best to you!

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Thanks, teacher, great lesson, like the others. It is a pleasure learning with your knowledge.

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This is quite awesome. Good job – Bravo!

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THank you

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truly that was great!!

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Thanks so much for optimize our English Rebecca!!
Nice lesson ;)

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Thanks as i am here for optimization my english skill

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Thanks, Rebecca! It is a rule base to learn English well. You did use the USA suffixes much more than the UK suffixes. Maybe it’s very common! or What?

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    We are in Canada! We use some British spelling patterns and some American. In this case, we use the
    -ize form, rather than -ise. Thanks for paying attention and caring, Abdulateef. All the best to you.

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Thanks so lovely teaching

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Thank you so much, Rebecca! 9/9 )))

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Thanks,teacher.Very good lesson.

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I want to optimize my English…:) Please help in in finding the sheet containing 100s of words like those you tought in the class…
Your class was too good… Thank you

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Thanks Rebecca. Following your lessons I will optimize my knowledge of the language. Take care.

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    Way to go, tiger888! I am certain you will. Take care and all the best to you!

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Thanks to all of you, especially those who used the new words in your comments! That’s the best way to memorize the patterns. To optimize your learning, download my free resource with more than 200 verbs and nouns that follow this pattern. It will make a huge difference in the way you communicate in English. Try it, you’ll see the difference! Here’s the link:


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Hi, teacher great lesson tricks, always a pleasure to follow a real teacher, keep going improving, going to the basics of the Greeks masters and Alexandria times, go back, since them there is not a big jump.

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thank u Rebecca.It was very interesting lesson for me.

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Thank u so much )

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How interesting and helpful! Thank you, Rebecca. I love your lesson :D

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hi ,i am a new fd your plz help you mam ….

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Way to go Rebecca, thank you for this great lesson. It opens my mind to new words easy to build from a noum. So I can optimize my english. Good week-end. See you soon on engvid videos. Take care. Marie-Claude

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Thank you so much for my optimise my English. :)

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I try my best to optimize my learning English.

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78 I got 7 correct out of 9.

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Thanks Rebecca. You’re the best teacher ever seen

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Thank you very much

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This is my first class on engvid and i am so glad.

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    Welcome, uk7134049! You can use the Lesson Finder to find more videos to watch.

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Thank you so much.

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Hi, dear Rebecca, thanks for everything, I’m gonna optimize my English level using your superb lessons.By the way, would you please tell us an example of the verb “monetize”?

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    Thanks for your kind feedback, Reza11!

    Monetizing a website or blog means making money from it.

    My best wishes to you.

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i love it

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I like the teaching method.
Thanks Rebeca

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I`m really grateful that you optimize my English language by your very useful lessons. Thank you so much Rebecca.

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I’m trying categorize engvid lessons and maximize practice in order to optimize my knowledge.
( I’m not sure my comment is correct :) )

thank you Rebeca for the interesting lesson

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    Yes, Iasha, your comment is correct! Thanks for your feedback. I wish you all the best.

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      Thank you so much for the answer. I’m so happy if there’s any way to correct my grammar mistakes that will be maximization of my knowledge. I will follow your lessons and advices looks interesting to me. it’s very helpful. these lessons are just form me. thank you again

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      Hi Rebecca,
      I think, lasha has made a mistake.
      I´m trying categorize …
      I´m trying TO categorize …


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OMG… so helpful fo my English! Thanks you, Rebecca!

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Dear Rebecca,

First of all, thank you for your nice and best videos.
As I am a master student in Nanoscience and I want to apply for the PhD applications, I faced with “Personal Statement”, “Cover Letter”, and “Motivation Letter”. After searching on the Google I found lots of websites and samples for them but unfortunately I confused due to I am not sure which one of them are confident and which template are the standard one. Thus, could you please introduce me the confident website and standard template for each of them? And, what is the difference between them? Thank you! =)


Rebecca i’m still bit confused in final or finalize me clarify my confusion then i learn better day by day.

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    Final is the base word. When we change it to a verb, it becomes finalize. For example:
    I need to finalize my holidays plans.
    We must finalize the arrangements for the wedding / conference/ event.

    To finalize means to make final.

    All the best to you, Mohd Areeb.

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      Thanks Rebecca for your reply and sorry one words remain finalization ,please suggest i keep watching your video and how i will improve my english more how i’ll write better easy and email.

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What should I say?
English videos are very impressive and easy to use. I do appreciate when teacher Rebecca makes a difference between British and A

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american English. I mean what you’re doing is pretty good, so I wish you keep it going… I also encourage students from everywhere to keep practicing with other students and teachers likewise.

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Have a good time studying with Engvid!

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    Thanks for your kind feedback, BossLa. My best wishes to you.

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I enjoyed this lesson. If I follow like this, I will optimize my English. Thank You Rebecca.

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    Good for you, Melrose! All the best to you and thanks for watching.

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This is really helpful. Thanks Mrs lecturer you have really impacted and expanded my learning to an optimal level

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Dear Rebeca, I have no words to describe how much I learnt with this lesson. Althoug optimization might be a rather complicated goal to achieve, I´m hundred percent sure that you optimize each of your lessons. Thank you so much for maximize English teaching for us!

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    Thank you so much for your generous feedback, Yuniel. You write very well. I am so glad you found the lesson useful.

    A short explanation about another point:
    When we have a second verb in a sentence, and it follows a preposition such as “for”, that verb should be in the -ing form. For example:
    Thank you so much for maximizing English teaching for us.
    I look forward to seeing you / meeting you / talking to you.

    I will try to record a lesson on this topic soon. Thank you for the inspiration! I wish you all the best, Yuniel.

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I dont know,if i can suffer it website in china。

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thank you. from now on, i real want to optimise my english.

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The resource : Suffixes-ize-ization is very interesting and useful.
It seems to me that there is an error , though. The basic form of the noun “motorization” is “motor” ,and it’s verb form is “motorize”.

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Thank you Rebecca!

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9/9! Thank you Rebecca!

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Respected Madam
in fact your modernized lesson taught us many things and made us modernization.Great Maam….

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Optimize the time I spend studying English is much easier and effective using Engvid.


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I would optimize my life for noble cause.

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thanku for teaching . I have learnt alot from your videos.

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It can only get better when I optimize my English language.

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hi can you help me by sharing your expert comments on my written essay

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    Nope. If you are having problems with the lesson or have an English question, that’s fine, but we cannot proofread or edit your work for you.

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Thank you, Rebecca.
Last question is fun.

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ohh my god! A great facilitation for my ma’am .

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Thank you very mush from my heart.. 10/10

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I need to develop my communication skills I need more information

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Thank you very much Rebeca for helping us improve our english! :D

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thanks you Rebecca. this lesson is very helpful. I wish I had optimize my English earlier

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i had 90 percent of the of the quiz but i feel i didn’t understood the explanation.
if someone undertood it please help me.

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thank you Rebecca for your teaching…

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Rebecca, your lessons are very interesting and helpful! Thank you very much!!!

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The class is very helpful.
Thank you, Rebecca.

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Thnk You ,, Great lesson..So Helpful For My English Learning ..

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Thanks for your lesson, ıs thıs role for every words?

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thank you very much :)

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9 out of 9. Tangible lesson to optimize the vocabulary. Thank you very much!

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Dear Rebecca,
Thank you for this splendid lesson.But I capture a mistake.I think it must be like;
notary-notarise-notarisation or notarization
Kind Regards,

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Ohh now I get it! you give notary as a base word twice, but I think for the first one base word must be “motor” so, motorize and motorization.The second one is correct I think.To make sure that the base words are listed in alphabetic order

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Hi Rebecca,
Thanks for your lessons. I think there is a mistake in
the resource page, at the line:
notary notarize motorization
Kind regards,

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You got 9 correct out of 9.

thank you so much.

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thanks Rebecca, I am working in my English classes, try to optimize my vocabulary.

have a good one


One of the best lesson.

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Thank you for all Rebecca. I am very happy with your english lessons and sure that with your help I will optimize my english vocabular.


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Thank you Rebecca!

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madam iam very thankful to you
your lessons are excellent and easy to understand

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Good morning teacher! you mentioned that you would provide where to get more words;however, you have forgotten. And also, you’re a great teacher!

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Very good lesson and thank you very much

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Thank you teacher. Thanks to globalization, we can optimize our skill and knowledge at home, on line. God bless you for your kindness

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Was it easy? no, I thought it is the teacher that was wonderful, and she made the lesson clearer and more enjoyable. Thanks!

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Highly appreciated this learning process.

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Thanks Rebecca :) It really heplped me to maximize my verb vocabulary. I used have a problems with it..

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Cannot believe my eyes 😘
Thank you 😊

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Thank a lot, Rebecca. I want to learn the English language. so I need your help and I like your English class.

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Very helpful.

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Hi ! An amazing lesson once again,I not only study but also taught in my class today. Thanx for such a vocabulary hack lesson

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Thank you Rebecca, your lesson very helpful!

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Thanks to your English lessons, i realize that i’m improving my English comprehension.

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Your teaching system is so effective for me.

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Oh Yeah ♥

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thank you!
I like the teaching method

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Thank you Rebecca! Very helpful.

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I would like to optimize the english language.. Rebecca thanks a lot for your help.

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I like your way of teaching .at the same time I am expecting some more examples .

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Thank you Rebecca for your great teaching 💐

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Thanks for this lesson. it was very helpful.

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Thank you Rebecca I always watching your lesson on youtube.

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Yeah I did it

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Thank you very much teacher Rebecca, this has been a very interesting lesson; Undoubtedly it has left me a great learning I hope to put into practice my knowledge in the English language. I always dreamed of going to live in the north of the American continent since I was a child. I remember that we went to visit the Canadian Embassy in Mexico. My sister and I, they gave us a beautiful book called Canada Handbook. This book contained photos of incredible places, forests and lakes. and modern cities and the history of Canada; since then my desire is to live in that beautiful country. I dedicated myself to educating my children first now that they are already independent, I think it’s up to me to decide where I want to live, I hope I don’t bother with so much blah blah, I just want a little practice and a friend. thanks once again teacher Rebecca.

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Wau, that is fascinating, i have got 100%. would like to optimize my English level. thanks

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*i would like sorry*

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Teacher, I would like optimize the time that I spend learning English.

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I would like to optimize my English to be the best teacher/facilitator I can be!!!

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