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I don’t understand englis

Profile photo of Mr-miyaaa Mr-miyaaa

    Beer is a very bad drink

    Profile photo of Mr-miyaaa Mr-miyaaa

    Keep trying Mr. Miyaa :)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Good lesson! Thank you :)

Profile photo of zand1969 zand1969

Hello Adam sir m just wondering y u choose this topic.
Means how u get idea for a beer lec…..
But anyway the lesson was really cool like a chilled beer… Cheers 😋

Profile photo of Pooja rajput Pooja rajput

    We often make lessons based on requests. Many students come to Canada or the UK, or any country that has a beer culture, so they want to know how to discuss this topic with the locals.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

beer is forbidden in Egypt or you can say it’s ( haram )proscribed by Islamic law.for me i haven’t drunk a beer before , any way thanks Adam .

Profile photo of yasser Daoud yasser Daoud

    That’s the thing about English, Yasser… it applies to all areas of a culture.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Thanks Adam!!!Really interesting explanations, specially the first part where you explain how is beer made ;)

Profile photo of knopfler86 knopfler86

    how beer is made ;)

    Profile photo of knopfler86 knopfler86

Thanks for this interesting and useful lesson! I like beer.Thats I interest a little bit the technological process of making beer and the culture of drinking in different countries. Your lesson made my day:)

Profile photo of Vlad Dep Vlad Dep

    is made*
    Ohhh sorry for my English

    Profile photo of Vlad Dep Vlad Dep

Hi Adam,

in Europe and particularly Germany, there ara a lot of “alkoholfrei” products;these aro so good that sometime, expecially when they are drinked cold, you couldn’t say if you are drinking an alcoholic or an non-alcoholic beer.

Thanks for this nice lesson.

Profile photo of Riccardo S Riccardo S

    Can’t say the same for Canada, Riccardo ;)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Very useful and inebriating lesson!
Cheers Adam!

Profile photo of byte byte

Adam, I have forgotten to wish you a very Happy Easter!

Profile photo of byte byte

    Thanks Byte :). To you as well (belatedly).

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Thanks for the lesson…!!

Profile photo of Jakub Alvarez Jakub Alvarez

Its a very useful lesson. I like beer and your classes. Thanks for all Adam¡

Profile photo of capi007 capi007

That’s a great lesson for who want to learn english. thx for your introduction about beer.

Profile photo of Chenyuyen Chenyuyen

ok, I think this my first comment here in Engvid, but I have to write it, its a wonderful video, not only because of its English information but also duo to its lovely topic Beer, so thanks for this pretty video

Profile photo of vantoo vantoo

    Hi, vantoo! We’re glad you liked it.

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

Really nice and interesting lesson! Thanks a lot!

Profile photo of Alesia Alesia

    And cheers! :D

    Profile photo of Alesia Alesia

Hello Adam! What type of beer do you prefer? I prefer craft beer and I like American pale ale and India pale ale but only cold.

Profile photo of vitvat vitvat

    Hi Vitvat,

    I like the darker beers, including IPA (India Pale Ale). I also prefer the craft beers.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Our hop plants are overrun with hop weevil, the crops are ruined, My Liege

Profile photo of szt1980 szt1980

    lol. I like it ;)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

      I remembered that phrase right when I heard the part about hops in the video.

      Profile photo of szt1980 szt1980

Actually I don’t have any information about beer.

Profile photo of Narges098 Narges098

    I hope this lesson helped a bit with that Narges.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Very nice lesson! I shared with a friend who likes craft beer.

Profile photo of Evandro Prado Evandro Prado

    By the way, the max result on this test is 45000 words, so I’m glad too.

    Profile photo of KATRIN777 KATRIN777

      I’ve watched the movie “The Grand Seduction”(Canada,2013). I can say, you guys like drinking too. Funny movie by the way!

      Profile photo of KATRIN777 KATRIN777

        I’ll check it out Katrin :)

        Profile photo of Adam Adam

In Brazil craft beer is named chopp! on tap! thanks Mr.Adam! Nice lesson! thanks engvid! I drunk a beer on tap right now! :)

Profile photo of Roberto Roberto

    we really enjoy drinking Brahma beer here in Argentina. one of my best beer ever. Greetings

    Profile photo of pussy in boots pussy in boots

Hi Adam, great lesson. I want you to note that
something is not working with the quiz.I´ve tried it several times but after the first question, I can´t follow to the next one. wish you a very happy Easter, take care!

Profile photo of pussy in boots pussy in boots

    Now It is working, It might have been my computer.
    Thanks anyways

    Profile photo of pussy in boots pussy in boots

      Glad it’s working Pussy in Boots :). Glitches do happen sometimes. We try to be on top of it.

      Profile photo of Adam Adam

Thank you for the very awesome lesson about Beer!!

Profile photo of sandrakamad sandrakamad

9/10! Thanks Adam.
Cool lesson

Profile photo of Ye Yint Aung Ye Yint Aung

Chopp, the best one. Summer and chopp.

Profile photo of Luiz Moreira Luiz Moreira

Perfect lesson! 100% :). No problem, because I am from kingdom of the beer – Czech republic:))

Profile photo of Milan.klima Milan.klima

    Indeed you are Milan :)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

well these are different names of beers in different countries, different country united with one brand or beer.I am from the Dominican Republic the Dominican beer is Preseident s beer in which you may have a unique flavor and not bitter flavor.to be honest i hardly ever drink a beer when i hang out i mean beer is not allowed you appetite benefit.i have just met different beerds there is one of the Idia what flavor is really fascinated when you can chug right away it is so delicoius

Profile photo of Luis Alberto Mateo Luis Alberto Mateo

Beers are become really common among tourist in Dominican Republic i am living in Punta Cana. Tourists really love enjoying the moment with beers they do not want to hang out in a square with not drinking a beers. Here are more beers brands in the Dominican what they are Quisqueba s beer, The Prident, Amber but our beer is the president.

Profile photo of Luis Alberto Mateo Luis Alberto Mateo

    Yes, Luis, many Canadians go to Dominican to escape the winter, and yes, they do love beer.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Great lesson Adam! I believe beer is part of our culture as well. In Costa Rica We have the Florida Ice and Farm Company S.A., which is the biggest beer company, but nowdays we got new brewing companys producing very good cold ones.


Profile photo of Aleachi Aleachi

Thank you Adam. Thirsty now…

Profile photo of Tyrion Tyrion

Adam, is the beige color commonly used in Canada and America? Or maybe there’s more popular word for such color? Thank you.

Profile photo of KATRIN777 KATRIN777

    It is, because it’s neutral and doesn’t offend. You can also call it latte, sandy, etc. More common is cream or taupe.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

      Thanks Adam.

      Profile photo of KATRIN777 KATRIN777

Hello. I’m confused about Quantifiers and adverb of degree.for example we can say “I’m a little sick.”
Quantifier is used for degree of the adjective. How about “I love you much”.much is used for degree of verb. Thank you for your help.

Profile photo of skayvanfar skayvanfar

    Hi Skayvanfar,

    Technically, you can say I love you much, but this is not common. More common is I love you very much, or I really love you.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Beers ares an interesting issue. Thanks

Profile photo of Miss Gomez Miss Gomez

Thank u

Profile photo of Hussein youssif Hussein youssif

In Russia there is an old tradidtion to drink a lot of vodka and get into a car after

Profile photo of Oleg2180 Oleg2180

    Hopefully to sleep on the back seat ;)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

      on the back seat of a police car or even worse a car you have crashed into

      Profile photo of Oleg2180 Oleg2180

hi Adam could you please create a video about management and all its spheres? i think a lot of as will be very thankful for that especially i am .

Profile photo of Poliglot20 Poliglot20

Hi adam you r great teacher .i m ur big fan. I wanna ask u as we say they got married. We can say they got separated. Thnx wait for ur reply.

Profile photo of Rabbia bilal Rabbia bilal

    Plz adam answer

    Profile photo of Rabbia bilal Rabbia bilal

    Hi Rabbia,

    Yes, you can use got with both actions. (got married, got separated, got divorced or got a divorce).

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Hi adam i wanna ask as we say they got married .we can say they got separated.is this correct.thnx

Profile photo of Rabbia bilal Rabbia bilal

Adam, tx for this interesting topic!

Profile photo of Dudurito Dudurito

Hey Adam, great lesson! I’ve got a question about “cannot” in some occasions. e.g.”the importance of agriculture cannot be overstated”. my mate tell me it means “it’s never enough to state the importance of agriculture”. Shouldn’t it be “couldn’t” instead of “cannot”? You know, by using subjunctive mode. So which one is right?

Profile photo of wdlll wdlll

    Hi Wd,

    You are making an emphatic statement (the importance of…). In this case, cannot is the correct verb. Generally we use this about a fact, or an opinion, either of which generally use the simple present because they are not time dependent (a fact is always true, an opinion is presented at the moment it’s expressed).

    cannot be overstated means that you cannot stress it too much. There is no such thing as an exaggeration when it comes to this point.

    Does this help?

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Thank you Adam for very funny lesson.

Profile photo of EvgeniiS EvgeniiS

thanks Adam it is interesting!

Profile photo of Alex-1956 Alex-1956

Thank you! Cheers! :)

Profile photo of Emanuela Emanuela

Adam, a draft beer is a fresh beer? Is it the same?
Tx for the lesson.

Profile photo of Dudurito Dudurito

    I think so, Dudrito. It means not in a bottle or can.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Thanks everyone. I appreciate the beer tips ;)

Profile photo of Adam Adam

Hi adam i have watched ur lecture on causative verbs.i wana ask that let’s get the shopping done,is passive causative of get .that mean i offer some to shop.or its mean simply lets do shopping.i m very confused in use of get .as get it done.and above one which i have written in detail. I hope u will reply for my ease. Thnx

Profile photo of Rabbia bilal Rabbia bilal

Literaly a refresh lesson haha. I really enjoy it. Thanks for the tips Adam!

Profile photo of Iademarco Iademarco

Hey Adam you an awesome teacher pls make a video about phrasal verb using the verb go i sincerely appreciate u

Profile photo of DR.RICHI DR.RICHI

    Will do ;)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Thanks for lesson. i hope this website will help me for learn english :)

Profile photo of alchack77 alchack77

Thanks for the video, Adam. Talking about beer is very good. Drinking a cold one is even better. Here in Brazil we only take it very cold because of our hot weather for most of the year. Our favorite type of beer is the lager. Goodbye.

Profile photo of Guifalcao Guifalcao

Thanks Adam for this very useful lesson….I am able now to offer a cold on to someone lol

Profile photo of leoballa leoballa

I got 100. Meanwhile, I drink Black label on the rocks. Thank you very much, Adam. CHEERS!!!

Profile photo of Norapat Norapat

Very fanny

Profile photo of MC22 MC22

Great Lesson!) Thanks Adam! And what about strong alcoholic drinks in your country? (Vodka, Whiskey, Jin, Tekila ets) Could you please make a lesson about it? :)

Profile photo of Andrei Fokin Andrei Fokin

Adam, I really like your lessons! You’re a really cool teacher!) Thx!)

Profile photo of FireFighterVlad FireFighterVlad

Beer, beer, beer, I like drink beer, Thank Adam.

Profile photo of Jacinto Jacinto

It seems interest is the best teacher.I got 90 :).

Profile photo of Thomas Bi Thomas Bi

Hi Adam, thanks for this lesson.
I won’t reach for a bottle of beer just yet as I’m still at work in Sydney, Australia.

This question may not be related to this topic, but could you answer it for me?

A Namibian soccer coach, happy about his team’s victory, said: “I want to say to all the players, I love you.” What sentence structure is this?

Profile photo of Achinyang Achinyang

Great class and i have to quench my thirst. LOL

Profile photo of Ricardo Vital Ricardo Vital

7/10. I confuse about hops, ferment, stout

Profile photo of keniuj keniuj

A very good lesson,interesting…

Profile photo of Gillou88 Gillou88

So ale-lager-stout-wheat-cider is strong-weak?

Profile photo of JeremyChina JeremyChina

Adam, would you consider making a video “Talking about people’s behavior”? I would love to learn more adjectives describing people’s way of talking or treating other people, both positive and negative, like: snobby, braggy, conceited, etc. and possibly their opposites (although not all of them may have one). Often times, when I look up a word in google, I am offered at least ten variants, and I am never sure which one is most commonly used. Some of them sound very formal, others – more slang. It also takes a lot of time reverse-checking them. (or: It also takes a lot of time to reverse-check them – which is correct?) Having watched a lot of your lessons, I am sure you would come up with the best possible examples!

Profile photo of nutondev nutondev

hi, I”m from Belgium where beer is also a very important thing.
we have many sorts, like “pils”, “trappiste”, “triple”, etc…
Our great names: Orval, Duvel, Stella Artois, Jupiler, Westmalle, Chimay,Rochefort, leffe, and so many others.I see that also in Canada, people don’t spit on it (as we say in Belgium) .
Thank you for this, I really appreciate your lessons and the way you do it
even if you speak a little too fast for me.

Profile photo of fup11 fup11

    I love Belgian beers! My favourite kind is Flemish red ale. Although now that I learn about the spit, I don’t know… 🤔️

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

Great Lesson. I’m from Brazil and I love beers.

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