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Test your understanding of the English lesson by answering these questions. You will get the answers and your score at the end of the quiz.
When did you start your new job?

How long have you been in England?

When did she have the baby?

When did you complete your PhD?

How long has she lived in India?

How long have you known each other?

When did you deliver your presentation?

When did you buy this house?

How long have you been in the hospital?

When did you retire?

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Ms.Rebbeca thank u for uploading another video about grammer i hope i see more of that paricular subject because my weakest point in english is grammer

Wednesday, August 15th 2012

nice thank you so mush rebeka

Wednesday, August 15th 2012

    thanks so much so i will continue following up your lessons cause realy you explain the subject clearly so i understood thank you agin teacher.

    Wednesday, August 15th 2012

    much not mush =))

    Thursday, August 16th 2012

YAAAAAAAY 10/10 ,,, &_&

Wednesday, August 15th 2012

    bravo my bro

    Monday, January 25th 2016

Rebecca has been taught us these kind of topic 4 the fifth time, but we need another 5 times to understand. thanks Rebecca.

Wednesday, August 15th 2012

HELL MISS Rebecca ,

Wednesday, August 15th 2012

thank you so much miss.

Wednesday, August 15th 2012

Thank you very much for this nice lesson ! although, i am familiar with these tenses, i am really interested to remember them from time to time !

Wednesday, August 15th 2012

    Good for you! Nothing like review to help you master the tenses. All the best.

    Thursday, August 30th 2012

      Thank you Ms. Rebecca, It’s so wonderful. Just today I registered. Awesome.

      S.N (from India).

      Tuesday, November 27th 2012

      Hi Mrs Rebecca, thank you so much for your interesting video, i have one question, you said : When did you lose your job? (Past simple) right? so can’t we say as well: When have you lost your job?(presnet perfect)

      Tuesday, February 26th 2013

        i think, you could say : how long have you been out of work.

        Monday, May 27th 2013

Thanks for the remind :)

Wednesday, August 15th 2012

    You mean “reminder”! My pleasure; glad I could help. All the best to you.

    Thursday, August 30th 2012

thank you for this wonderful lesson,your teaching make it easier to understand.
thanks again

Wednesday, August 15th 2012

Really it’s very easy to improve my english with your speech. It is very logical. Thanks a lot!, with teachers like kou, is lovely to learn English.
Rose from (Barcelona)

Wednesday, August 15th 2012

When did she have baby ?when did you complete your phd?the answer should be pass simple tense instead of present simple or present perfect tense,please correct me if I am wrong.

Wednesday, August 15th 2012

    Great lesson. I also noticed these mistakes in the quiz. The answers should have been :past tense instead of present tense. But this quiz only proves that nobody is perfect, doesn’t it

    Wednesday, August 15th 2012

I love , love, love these classes

Wednesday, August 15th 2012

Hello teachers, I am from Brazil and i am learning English. I moved to USA a couple of days ago and i would like to know if you guys give some private classes through skype. If the answer is yes, i am interested. Contact me please. Congratulations for the site, it is great.

Wednesday, August 15th 2012

    Welcome to North America, Leticia! At this time, I do not give Skype lessons but will pass your message on to the other teachers, who may or may not do so. I wish you all the best with your English and with your new life.

    Thursday, August 30th 2012

10/10 l am happy

Wednesday, August 15th 2012

Good lesson. Thank you

Wednesday, August 15th 2012

Teacher Rebecca, thanks a lot…

Wednesday, August 15th 2012

Thank you Rebecca!!

Wednesday, August 15th 2012

Thanks allot. I love the Quiz and specially the way the questions is asked.

Wednesday, August 15th 2012

I always love your lessons, because I can understand them clearly when you teach. :)

Wednesday, August 15th 2012

Good lesson. Thank you

Wednesday, August 15th 2012

Thanks for your classes, it really helps to improve Eng.

There is a mistake in the QUIZ,there is no PRESENT SIMPLE at all, but in answers it’s shown as correct one.

Wednesday, August 15th 2012

    You’re right, Yury. There was a problem with the answers for this quiz. This has now been fixed.

    Thursday, August 16th 2012

tanks Rebecca, gooood lesson…..

Thursday, August 16th 2012

dear tearcher iwas trobling to get the defferce of these conditions in my life for the last 50 years now igot it thank you so much for your excelent way of teaching

Thursday, August 16th 2012

    So glad I could help you, after you waited so long! All the best to you.

    Thursday, August 30th 2012

Thank you so much Rebecca

Thursday, August 16th 2012

question 3&4 pls check ,answer is past simple ,but wrote there present simple is it correct?

Thursday, August 16th 2012

    That’s correct. There was a problem with the quiz answers. This has now been fixed. It’s good that you caught it, bujunnd.

    Thursday, August 16th 2012

Hi Rebecca, are you sure that your the test is correct?
I can’t understand
First – When did she have the baby?
If I right understand it is Past Simple.
Why the answer contain only Present tense.

Thursday, August 16th 2012

    Petr — there was a problem with the quiz. I’m glad you caught it! We’ve now fixed the problem.

    Thursday, August 16th 2012

Good Teaching.

Thank you

Thursday, August 16th 2012

Nella seconda, terza e quarta risposta correggere Present simple con Past simple.

Thursday, August 16th 2012

There are two mistakes at the Q2 and Q3 in the Quiz:

2. How long have you been in England?

Present Simple -> This one =]
Present Perfect

3. When did she have the baby?

Present Simple -> This one =]
Present Perfect

Hope you will fix it!

BTW this lesson is really great! :D

Thursday, August 16th 2012

    You’re right! Sorry for the error! We’ve now fixed the quiz.

    Thursday, August 16th 2012

There’re two misprints in that quiz.

Thursday, August 16th 2012

Yours presentation is very easily, and you’re a good teacher

Thursday, August 16th 2012

That’s a very clear explanation. Thank you so much. I’m preparing to the TOEFL exam and this helped me. I socred 10 out of 10 in the quiz.

Thursday, August 16th 2012

Thanks Rebecca your teaching sooooooo good .I love your way of teaching so cleary ,keep going. you’re the best teacher .God bess you.

Thursday, August 16th 2012

Thanks Rebecca your teaching sooooooo good .I love your way of teaching so clearly ,keep going. you’re the best teacher .God bess you.

Thursday, August 16th 2012

    Thank you kindly. My best wishes to you, too.

    Thursday, August 30th 2012

thank you

Thursday, August 16th 2012

perfect and easy to understand,thank you ms.rebacca

Thursday, August 16th 2012

Thank you so much for your good explanation about past simple and present perfect

Thursday, August 16th 2012

Thank you my teacher Rebecca.

Thursday, August 16th 2012

hi, Rebecca. one more wonderful, great, amazing lesson. you are too much. i have to tell you that my fluency in english and my listening skill are improving day by day because of you. i just love your lessons. thank you so much.

Thursday, August 16th 2012

    Thank you, Daniel. I am very glad that you find the lessons so helpful. My bets wishes to you.

    Thursday, August 30th 2012

      My best wishes to you, I meant!

      Thursday, August 30th 2012

Hi Rebecca,
Just would like to thank you for your efforts in helping us to improve our engish,thats great and,I have to confess that,I find your videos very usufull and, very easy to understand your lessons without any difficulties
My englisg is getting better andand better .
Many thanks

Thursday, August 16th 2012

    Thanks for the confession and I wish you all the best with your English in the future.

    Thursday, August 30th 2012

Good lesson. Thank you

Thursday, August 16th 2012


Thursday, August 16th 2012

10/10 thanks teacher

Thursday, August 16th 2012

interesting lesson. thank you so much

Thursday, August 16th 2012

Rebecca i got 4/10 in quiz but still i have to improve my grammer and way of talking can help me for that please.and i am prepairg for toefl &many people are saying u have to improve your grammer.

Thursday, August 16th 2012

    Yes, although grammar is no longer tested directly on the TOEFL IBT, it is tested indirectly in the speaking and writing parts of the test. So make sure you review all the necessary grammar. Many of the engvid lessons should help you. All the best to you.

    Thursday, August 30th 2012

    TOEFL.. is the hardest thing in our planet, its even more harder than understanding women. i’ll pray for you.

    Monday, May 27th 2013


Thursday, August 16th 2012

Thank you for correction for the answer of question3 and 4.We sometimes an error.

Thursday, August 16th 2012

I have a question. If I want to know where my friend has gone for 2 year and now he comes back. which sentences should I ask? Where did you go? or.. Where have you gone?

Thursday, August 16th 2012

    you can say. where have you been so long.
    this is just i am trying if it is wrong please correct it i am also learner.

    Tuesday, August 21st 2012

      thanks a lot

      Monday, August 27th 2012

    Yes, padmarai is right. The best question would probably be “Where have you been?” or some variation of that, such as “Where have you been all this time?” or “Where have you been for the past 2 years?”.

    You could not say “Where have you gone?” because your friend has already come back.

    I hope this helps you. All the best with your English and thanks to padmarai for offering to help.

    Thursday, August 30th 2012

thanks u so much!

Friday, August 17th 2012

You are the best! Thank you!

Friday, August 17th 2012

Awesome lesson. your teaching is perfect Rebeka. Understood simply and exactly. Thank you a lot.

Friday, August 17th 2012

    Thank you kindly. All the best to you.

    Thursday, August 30th 2012

Hi teachers i am Narjice from Morocco,thank you a lot for this website and for all lessons, i write this letter because i have a confusing between start and begin what is the diffrece please?

Friday, August 17th 2012

    There is almost no difference between these two words so feel free to use whichever one you like without worrying too much.

    The word “begin” is perhaps a little more formal than the word “start”. That’s all.

    My best wishes to you.

    Thursday, August 30th 2012

Thank you very much Rebecca. That’s was a new good lesson. I wish all the best for you! See you soon!

Friday, August 17th 2012

Thank you for lesson. :)

A bit of practice:

‘When did she have a baby?’

I suppose we can tell also: ‘When did she get a baby?’

‘She got the baby 3 months ago.’

Or, I suppose, we could tell:

‘It’s 3 moths now she has become mother.’

Friday, August 17th 2012

    Actually, it would be incorrect to use the expression, “get a baby” if the woman gave birth to the child herself. In this normal context, it is correct to say she had a baby.
    For example,
    She had a baby boy three months ago.

    The only exception I can think of is if the child had been adopted; then you could say “She got the baby three months ago.” or “She succeeded in getting the baby three months ago.” or something similar.

    Al the best with your English, Sasha.

    Thursday, August 30th 2012

How long have you been teaching english?
It looks like you have a very long experience.
Thank you, you are great.

Friday, August 17th 2012

Thank you very much for your great way of teaching.

Friday, August 17th 2012

wow . fabulous rebacce . just keep on.

Friday, August 17th 2012

Thank you so much teacher!

Friday, August 17th 2012

nice lessen rebeka thank you so much

Friday, August 17th 2012

Thank you for remining Rebecca!!

Friday, August 17th 2012

Thanks Rebecca you are the great teacher really i like you by the heart and i want to learn more english grammer rom you :)

Friday, August 17th 2012

Thanks Rebecca you are the great teacher really i like you by the heart and i want to learn more english grammer from you :)

Friday, August 17th 2012

Great lesson Rebecca!!! I want to learn more grammar with you. You are a great teacher. Thank you very much

Friday, August 17th 2012

first thanks lecture after that I want learn more details about grammar so how can I learn it tell me how can I understand all grammar parties thank you lecture

Friday, August 17th 2012

Thank you for this lesson. I agree with my mates above when they say that grammar is one of the most important subjects. By the way I scored 10 out of 10. \o/

Friday, August 17th 2012

i think this video was interesting

Friday, August 17th 2012

i think this video was useful to understand the quiz. i’m happy 10/10 yeahhh!

Friday, August 17th 2012

This is a great style of presenting two confusing tenses upfront. this is really a nice way of learning tense when keep up front and actually comparing when to use when.

I request you to please provide understand about other tenses as well in same manner.

I am learning English but I really get confused when you need to switch from one tense to another during conversation.
If you provide such online training i am ready to pay as well. Please let me know

Friday, August 17th 2012

    I do not teach online at this time. Thank you for your interest and feedback and will pass your message on to the other teachers. My best wishes to you, Davinder.

    Thursday, August 30th 2012

can u give me reply for that what i message u for u pleaseee Rebecca.i message u about my improvement of grammer

Friday, August 17th 2012

    Not sure what your message was. My best to you, in any case, Sunanda.

    Thursday, August 30th 2012

thank alot for lesson.
can you tell that uses in the sentence?

Saturday, August 18th 2012

the lessons ae very interesting, but i got a doubt….
after “been” we supouse “to” put to and
you put “in”
how long have you been in toronto?
it must be how long have you been to toronto, or i’m wrong?
Reveca please clear my doubts

Saturday, August 18th 2012

    I think you might be confusing two different questions:

    How long have you been in Toronto?

    Here, we are asking someone how long they have lived in Toronto, or how much time they have spent there.

    You could also ask,

    Have you ever been to Toronto?

    This time the preposition changes, as you can see, and this is used to ask if the person has ever visited Toronto.

    Prepositions need a lot of review and practice, so it’s good you asked. My best wishes to you, Julio.

    Thursday, August 30th 2012

hahahaha! thanks you so much Teacher Revecca thanks for the knowledge and great idea…10/10 yeeeheeee…GBU….

Saturday, August 18th 2012


Sunday, August 19th 2012

thanks a lot guys you really helps me to understand english rules because you make it in a easier way.

Sunday, August 19th 2012

Tnx a million Rebecca. I’m always looking for this kind of subject. :)

Monday, August 20th 2012

Hi, very interesting, very helpful.
thanks a lot.

Monday, August 20th 2012

Hi, I have a question if you can help me!
when you say in example “how long have you been employed” is the guy still working in present time or not?
thank you.

Monday, August 20th 2012

    Yes, good question. I know it sounds like this should be in the past, but in fact we can ask this question when the person is still working, in the present.

    In fact, you could say,

    Have long have you worked here? (Present Perfect)
    How long have you been working here? (Present Perfect Continuous)

    All the best to you.

    Thursday, August 30th 2012

Hi Rebeca, I really like your lesson about past tense and present perfect. Verry interesting lesson. However,some of your examples make me confuse because some word end of -ed and some is not using -ed, for example When did you get married, when did you graduate, when did you get engaged, when did you get the job?
Appreciate very much if you could explain again about this matter mentioned above.


Monday, August 20th 2012

    Some verbs are used on their own such as to graduate, so in the past tense we say:

    He graduated. (positive sentence)
    He didn't graduate. (negative sentence)
    Did he graduate? (question)

    Yet, there are other expressions (which require a helper verb) that must be used as a whole, such as:

    to get married
    to get engaged
    to be worried

    The word that changes here is the verb get or the verb to be and not the word married or engaged or worried.

    He gets married every 10 years! (present simple)
    He is getting married. (present continuous)
    He got married last month. (past simple)

    You see that the word married did not change in the above examples. Hope this helps. My best wishes to you, Cecilia.

    Thursday, August 30th 2012

      you explain clearly, so everyone can understand what you say and what you mean .

      Saturday, February 22nd 2014

thanks Rebecca I scored it 10/10. nice video and you’re the wonderful teacher in the world .Although the quiz was easy but OOKKEE:)

Monday, August 20th 2012

Hello Rebecca, since you are my favorite teacher on Engvid, I have a question for you. I have difficulties with prefixes and suffixes, and noticed that there is no a video about it. Could you do one? Thanks in advance

Monday, August 20th 2012

I’m enjoying

Tuesday, August 21st 2012

I love everything you do…..

Tuesday, August 21st 2012


Tuesday, August 21st 2012

i like your way of teaching,thank you very much.

Tuesday, August 21st 2012

You scored 10 out of 10 …

Thank u Teacher ….

Tuesday, August 21st 2012

Thanks teacher!

Tuesday, August 21st 2012


Tuesday, August 21st 2012

Thank you!! I got it!

Tuesday, August 21st 2012

Thank You….

Wednesday, August 22nd 2012

I’m scored 10 out of ten again….frm Indonesia

Wednesday, August 22nd 2012

very nice presentation

Wednesday, August 22nd 2012

Hi, Rebecca
My name is Lillian and I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your lesson and appreciated. I have a question that I hope you would answer. Sometimes, large corporations-such as Mcdonald and Starbucks, lend their name to a small business owner and collect license fee? or whatever you call,How do you call that type of business? The business that is not directly managed by the corporation but steet using the name. Thank you for your time and concideration.

Wednesday, August 22nd 2012

    I am not sure exactly what you are referring to, but maybe the word you are looking for is “to franchise”. Check in the dictionary whether that is what you had in mind. Another related word is “to sponsor”, but I think you are looking for the first word. My best wishes to you.

    Thursday, August 30th 2012

Ms. Rebecca, if I said “Since when are you married?”, would it be wrong?

Wednesday, August 22nd 2012

    Fernando, it would be better to say:

    How long have you been married?
    When did you get married?
    How long ago did you get married?

    Hope this helps! My best wishes to you.

    Thursday, August 30th 2012

Hello Rebecca, could you explain the difference between HAVE YOU GOT, HAVE YOU and DO YOU HAVE, please?

Thursday, August 23rd 2012

    In North America, we use “do you have” rather than “have you”, which is more British English. We do use “have you got”, but usually in more casual conversations.

    So if you want to use an expression that is clear and familiar all over the world, I would choose “do you have”. All the best to you, Ellie.

    Thursday, August 30th 2012

Fantastic madam!
Up us!

Thursday, August 23rd 2012

tank you for all teachers and all lessons
that’s very interesting

Saturday, August 25th 2012

very good and nice tanks

Saturday, August 25th 2012

Thanks so much…. this web and the teachers are amazing.

Saturday, August 25th 2012

mrs. Rebeca.. thank u.. it was a verry goog presentation..

Saturday, August 25th 2012

Thank you Rebecca!

Saturday, August 25th 2012

Thank you.

Sunday, August 26th 2012

Exellent Rebeka :)
Thank you very much.
I greet,

Sunday, August 26th 2012

hi mrs Rebecca… I need more video from you..please… you are verry good teacher.. you explain the lessons verry good… thanks

Sunday, August 26th 2012

Thank you Rebecca!

Sunday, August 26th 2012

Thank you Rebeka, please other lessons about tenses, this is my bigest problem in English.

Monday, August 27th 2012

    You are not alone in struggling with these tenses, so don’t feel bad. Engvid has many video lessons on tenses which could help you, and you should also work through a very good grammar book till you understand when and how to use each tense. My best wishes to you.

    Thursday, August 30th 2012

Thank you Rebeka.

kindly upload more videos on same assignment.

Monday, August 27th 2012

I’ve learned a lot.Thanks, Mam Rebecca.

Monday, August 27th 2012

Thank you Rebecca.
This lesson is very helpful to me! I learn a lot from it!

Monday, August 27th 2012

This is my problem too, but you´ve explained very well! Good! Congratulations!!

Tuesday, August 28th 2012

Thanks a lot! Now i understand better!
I took 10 from 10 :)

Tuesday, August 28th 2012

i got the difference now and knew now how to ask about the past and the present . Thank you Rebecca

Wednesday, August 29th 2012

Hi, Ms Rebeca thanks a lot, I have these things about present perfect and past simple very clear now.

Wednesday, August 29th 2012

Thanks to all for your feedback. I really appreciate it and wish all of you the very best.

Thursday, August 30th 2012

Thank you Rebecca, I have to study hard, to improve my English. it’s kind of you. :)

Thursday, August 30th 2012

how long has she lived in india …..hi rebecca i am wondering how it could be present perfect??? can you please explain

Thursday, August 30th 2012

thanks for this video ithink this is the easiest way to learn english

Friday, August 31st 2012

thanks a million

Friday, August 31st 2012

Thank you.

Saturday, September 1st 2012


Sunday, September 2nd 2012

Thank you Ms. Rebecca for your clearly lesson I have just take ti today so my really weakness is grammar tenses, but today I scores 10 over 10 scores no question

Sunday, September 2nd 2012

Thank you Ms. Rebecca for your clearly lesson I have just receive today so my really weakness is grammar tenses plus connection and punctuation marks,but today I scores 10 over 10 scores no question

Sunday, September 2nd 2012


Monday, September 3rd 2012

Thank you soo much Ms.Rebecca

Monday, September 3rd 2012

thank you so much ms. rebecca . rally i enjoid the lesson and i have to listen more in this topic (tenses)

Wednesday, September 5th 2012

Thank you so much Ms. Rebecca. for this video so I’m able to understand & speak the english language better.

Thursday, September 6th 2012

Thanks Rebecca. I understand a now. Thank you very much again from NZ!

Thursday, September 6th 2012

Hello Rebecca! Great lesson, but could you explain the difference between Present Perfect and Present Perfect continuous… thanks!

Thursday, September 6th 2012

    hello Elimy
    Present Perfect:i have been in France several times.(that means you were in France for few times but now you are in your state and it exists the probability to visit it again in the future)
    Present Perfect Continuous.I have been living in Russia since i ever remember(that means you live in Russia since you were borned you havent left it yet)
    Present Perfect Continuous is used with since and for.try to remember these
    For example.i have been learning english for 10 years.That means you started the action in the past it still continue and it will continue

    Present Perfect is used often with these prepositions
    several times-i have been in Japan several times
    already-i have already read the book
    yet-i havent eaten yet
    just-i have just come home

    anyway dont worry and dont focus your mind on a single tense because you will get confused

    when you want to ask people questions using the present perfect you have to think about experiences
    for example:have you ever eaten mushrooms?
    have you every been in Austria?
    have you already eaten?

    i hope i helped you.
    try to ask teachers and they will answere to you
    have a nice day

    Monday, October 1st 2012

      have you ever been in Austria*

      Monday, October 1st 2012

        they will answer*

        Monday, October 1st 2012

          Hello marius1989! Thank you for your time! very good explanation!

          Tuesday, October 2nd 2012

          your welcome Elimy i hope i helped you me too i had really problems with those tenses lol

          Tuesday, October 2nd 2012

          i forgot to say that present perfect continues can be used as a reproach for example teacher says:how many times i have been telling you to study?how many times i have been telling you to be attentive in the classroom?
          or it can be used also to mark the action to show what you did all day for example:i have been studying english all day.that means this is the only thing you did
          i have been shopping all day for example etc
          also to be more accurate when you use the present perfect continuous.the action starts in the past and continuous after now for example
          i have been waiting for him since 9 am that means you started to wait him you are waiting you will wait.so is an action wich wasnt interrupted.
          to learn it better try to use interrogative form of both tenses and then you will understand them better but it will be easy.
          Good luck:)i am sorry i cant explain you better

          Tuesday, October 2nd 2012

          Dear Marius, thank you so much!! you’re really helped me

          Wednesday, October 3rd 2012

Rebecca thank you so much..!!!! you’re the best…!! i love all the video and i learn all the tiem with you for be better..! thanks

Friday, September 7th 2012

thanks you´re the best, never change

Saturday, September 8th 2012

Hello rebecca mam,
Thank you for this very important video lesson.
It has cleared my doubts regarding usage of present perfect and past simple, but I get confused between the verb pairs like WILL and WOULD,CAN and COULD and their usage.Is the usage of these verbs confined by tenses?, or can they can be used interchangeably? or Has it got something to do with politeness?
Could you please post a lesson on aforementioned things? It will be really helpful for confused students like me.

Saturday, September 8th 2012

Ir’s really simple and effective explanation at the same time. Thanks a lot, Rebecca.

Sunday, September 9th 2012

Thanksss , that is really useful

Sunday, September 9th 2012

Thank you so much! I love this lesson.

Monday, September 10th 2012

you have a wonderful way to teach us the grammar

Monday, September 10th 2012

Thank you Rebecca.You´ve explained very well.I really like your lesson.

Tuesday, September 11th 2012

dear Rebecca:thank you for your video!it’s helpful for me!i have a question:in this lesson,(Past Simple)when did you move to Toronto?Present Perfect:how long have you been in Toronto? with another sentence:about arrive,Present Perfect:how long have you been here? Do they(I mean Present Perfect)have the same meaning?or have differences?thank you afain!looking forward to your reply.

Friday, September 14th 2012

thank you miss rebecca

Saturday, September 15th 2012

Rebecca; really you are the only best teacher that i have ever met. I love you so much!

Saturday, September 15th 2012

Thank you!

Saturday, September 15th 2012

Great lesson!

Sunday, September 16th 2012

Good lesson. Thank so much you rebecca

Monday, September 17th 2012

Thanks for the lesson. I do not remember the first time I watched an EV video, but since then I’ve improved my english a lot!

Tuesday, September 18th 2012

10 out of 10

Tuesday, September 18th 2012

thank you for this lesson

Wednesday, September 19th 2012

I’ve got 10 out 10… great performance by the way..

Friday, September 21st 2012

Quiz is too easy.

Sunday, September 23rd 2012

thanks too much

Tuesday, September 25th 2012

I have never been to London.I really appreciate it.Have a nice day.

Saturday, September 29th 2012

Thank you so much Ms.Rebecca :)xx

Sunday, September 30th 2012

thank u teacher

Monday, October 1st 2012

Im form México and i like your vídeos Rebeca.

Thankyou very much!!

Monday, October 1st 2012

Hi Rebecca aka respected teacher, I love your teaching method. You are an awesome teacher who has lots of knowledge about teaching english and you are no doubt an expert on your field. Good luck and keep teaching us.

Wednesday, October 3rd 2012


Wednesday, October 3rd 2012

great thankfully from my dearest teacher mrs Rebecca your teaching is best

Monday, October 8th 2012

great thankfully from my dearest teacher Mrs Rebecca.

Monday, October 8th 2012

Thanks Rebecca.I have got 10/10 by quiz. But I do not understand sentences in your video concerning tense: How long have you been engaged,married…ect.(Been) is used for progressive group of tenses, therefore-How long have you been engaging.Can you help me for my confusion?

Thursday, October 11th 2012

Sorry Rebecca.I have understood.Words (married,engaged etc) in the abovementioned sentence are used as adjectve, not a verb.Is it correct?

Thursday, October 11th 2012

thank you miss Rebecca

Friday, October 12th 2012

Yeah! Thanks a lot I got it. I’m sure I will keep practicing.
Mind From Thailand

Friday, October 12th 2012

Tnx a lot Rebecca! Ur teaching is perfect, simple and understandable. I like u :-)

Saturday, October 13th 2012

Rebecca, thanks a lot!

Sunday, October 14th 2012


Monday, October 15th 2012

Wonderful Rebbeca, you are Great!!!. Thank tou very, very much.

Monday, October 15th 2012

hi, anyone here can help me answer this question with proper grammar?

1.What was the last city you went to? What did you like about it?

2. Would you like to visit New York? Why?

3. Have you been sighseeing in a big city on your own? What did you see?

4. Have you ever spent a whole holiday in a city? where? what did you enjoy most?

5. Have you ever been on a shopping trip in foreign city? What was it like?

many many thankss

Tuesday, October 16th 2012

thank you miss

Wednesday, October 17th 2012

hi, thank you ……can you tell me the difference b/w live and live .as if, “where do you live” and “she is live,taking breath”

Thursday, October 18th 2012

    i think your second sentence would be….she is alive

    Thursday, February 7th 2013

Rebecca could you tell me please why we use “get married”?not “get marry” in interrogative sentence Past Simple?
Thank you!

Sunday, October 21st 2012

thakns a lot for your help.this is the first time that i understand clearly the difference between these tenses

Sunday, October 21st 2012

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‘When’ could not be used with Present Perfect, could it?
Is Present Perfect Continuous used to express the meaning for temporary conditions?
How long have you worked here?
How long have you been working here?
Is there any vid about Future Perfect tense on EngVid?
Thank you for presenting complecated English grammar in such a simple way :)

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Thanks for your very clear explanation, but I was not achieved to get the differences between “the last/next week/day/month etc.” and ” last/next week/day etc.”
My question ;Can using of “the ” article determinater of tense? Some books remark that if we use ” the ” tense must be simple past ; if not use article tense perfect .
Thanks in advance for your helps

Regards, Saygılarımla (Turkish)

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1. What is different between
” I have done that task” And “I did that task”

2. “what did you said?” , “Did you got that concept ?” are these correct sentences ? Which is the tense of these sentences, when should we you this kinda tense ?

3 some time we use “do” or “did” in sentences
E.g what did you say ? Can we say it as what you said ? If yes then in which case we should use do and did ?

Please reply

Sunday, March 3rd 2013

thank u madam…i have a one question .when use the word do and does….???

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I’ve just read an exact from “A Custom House Icident”, so I’m a little confused. There is the following sentence:
I have often wondered whether she …and so on
Why is there the Present Perfect Tense with often?
Best wishes, gustav2

Sunday, March 31st 2013

    coz often is habit something happened in the past but it still continue, maybe it will happened again tomorrow or today, and that is why we use present perfect

    Tuesday, December 9th 2014

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When I write the sentence like:
1.Eng hasn’t been touched a snake. This sentence is not correct,and why we don’t use been in this sentence????

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thank you for explanation

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What are the time markers for the present perfect?

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1.How long have you married?
2.How long have you been married?
I thought we use “been” only in present perfect continuous,could you help me please?
thank you

Friday, October 18th 2013

Mam, I have 1 specific doubt.
Here are 2 senteces.
The movie released on friday(simple past)
The movie has released on friday(present perfect).

Can you please tell me the difference between the 2 sentences?

Monday, November 4th 2013

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EX: How long have you been married?
Why can’t we use ” How long have you married?”
Can you teach me where the discrepancy is? Thank you!

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I’m little confusing some about that, so help me please?
When has the watchman started work ? is that correct right? In the other hand, there have this sentence in Past Simple. When did the watchman start work? I think this one is correct too. So how can I see for both of them’s differences ? Help me all students and teachers please! :)
Thank You!

Friday, November 28th 2014

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So, let’s make sentences for practice more about the topic.

God Bless!

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Thank’s Rebecca

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Rebecca, I’m Brazilian and I speak the Portuguese Language, which is very different.

In the Portuguese language which is spoken in Portugal they use the Present Perfect A Lot.
“Tenho estado a trabalhar há horas.”
” I have worked for hours.”

And they also have the Present Perfect Continuous:

” I have been working for hours.”
but here we have a problem because we don’t use
it the way the Portuguese do in Portugal.

We use a Present tense + gerund.

“Estou trabalhando há horas.”
Which translated into English is exactly:

” I have been working for hours.”

So, we have this tense that,although spoken
wrongly in Brazil, makes it easier for us in Brazil to understand these two English tenses.

I think it’s the same as in American English.

They the use Present Perfect: I have lost my keys.”
Have you seen them?”

or Past Simple : I lost my keys. Did you see

I prefer to use the Present Perfect rather than
use the Past Simple.
It sounds better!

The Portuguese language is beautiful, and has
a vast vocabulary, but the thing is Brazilians
in general, don’t like to study our Language.

It’s difficult, of course, but it’s worthy
studying it.

Sorry for having written so much!

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I’m a little confused about the verb “work” in this last lesson. Why can’t I say “I have been worked…?”
I’ll be very happy if you can answer me. Tkx a lot!

Tuesday, March 31st 2015

Dear Rebecca Mam,
I got 10 out of 10 but I have some doubts in it.

The sentence “When did she have the baby” can be asked as, When did she had/has the baby.

Similarly the sentence “How long has she lived in India” can be asked as, How long she have lived in India

Tuesday, April 14th 2015

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Great, I got 10 correct out 10. Superb lesson simple and clear. Thank.
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I’ve got a question.

I want to know why the time is not important when we use the present perfect.

Why can’t I say “I’ve been to the U.S.A in 2010.” ?

It is a life experience that started and ended in the past and at the same time it is related to the present time in someway. However, I want to specify the moment.

Let’s consider this situation:

A: We are going to the U.S.A next Friday.
B: I have been to Uncle Sam’s Country in 2010.

My trip is an event which started and ended in the past (finished time), but it is connected to the present (unfinished time), because the elocutionist believes that this event is relevant to the moment of focus.

Thank you very much in advance.


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Thanks Miss. Rebecca.I use the past simple when the action is finished and I use the present perfect when I speak about a condition and there is a match between the past and the present

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For example if I say I’ve been married for ten years it means I’m still married?
If i want to say I was married for ten years and I’m not married anymore, can I say the same sentence I’ve been married for ten years?

Tuesday, December 1st 2015

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When did you get married ?
How long have you been married ?

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I already watched “how to ask questions in past simple” vid and my question is, why here you add -ed in questions ?

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First, Please accept my sincere thanks for helping me with the very informative English lessons.

These lessons boosting my confidence.

I need help to understand the below sentence which i got wrong in the Quiz.

How long has she lived in India?

Actually i am unable to understand how it could be present perfect. I suspect that the inquiry is about someone who lived in India for a duration in past, but not living currently. Please correct my understanding.

Monday, October 31st 2016

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Hi Rebecca, Thank you for your lesson about Past Simple and Present Perfect Tense.

This video answered My question about Present Perfect Progressive Tense for “Marry” in Emma lesson
But, still I have some trouble on using both Present Perfect and Present Perfect Progressive,

The formula I got from Benjamin Vid and Emma Vid are:
Present Perfect = Subject + Has/Have + P.P
Present Perfect Progressive = Subject + Has/Have + Been + V-ing

But I saw some samples in your video that “Has/Have Been + P.P”

Can you please explain? I am quite confuse about the formula.

Thank you Rebecca.

Thursday, September 20th 2018

Thank you Ms. Rebecca. It’s an excellent explanation!

Friday, October 12th 2018

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Wednesday, October 24th 2018


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I look forward to learn and wish you the best :-)

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Where can I find the transcripts?
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Saturday, April 18th 2020

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