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Lol it’s funny learn about it ….anyway …thanks!

Profile photo of cim33br cim33br

    Well, what can I say about this lesson Ronnie?

    You made my day! It made me laugh especially when I did the quiz; the options were really funny.

    Knowing the Anglo-Saxon culture is also an essential part of language learning, isn’t it?

    I like your lessons mostly because you approach cultural issues in an interesting way.

    Many thanks for sharing this f%&@# great lesson with us Ronnie.

    Profile photo of Regino Regino

      I wanna share my answer for this item from the quiz:

      You are in your grandmother’s house. She is very religious. You hit your foot on the wall and want to yell “OH FUCK!”. Instead you could say:

      “Oh Goddamn fucking shit! Fuckkkkkkk!” (I am NOT a religious guy; that is way I chose this option LOL).

      Thanks again dear Ronnie.

      Profile photo of Regino Regino

Thank you Ronnie.you are wonderful ,your teaching is the best ever I saw in my life,it helps me how to overcome my culture shock and understand this hard and tough language,I wish if u can help me with toefl
Ibt??do you have and advise for me,,,thank you

Profile photo of Mayalsayab Mayalsayab

    I would say don’t say FUCK on the TOEFL iBT.

    Profile photo of engVid engVid

haha this lesson has been funny, thanks!

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    Profile photo of MG74 MG74

You’re the best Ronnie! you always surprise me with your peculiarity teaching, but very interesting….10Q

Profile photo of Gilberto Gilberto

Thanks Ronnie for teaching ,very useful really , I hope to bring for us more subjects and good luck.

Profile photo of florida.01990 florida.01990

Thanks got 70%.

Profile photo of Abdul Qayum Abdul Qayum

10/10 naughty Ronnie. Well, well, so you have a Scottish rib? The word that made me laugh was CRAPOLA what a crazy word.

Profile photo of Jorge Pedroso Jorge Pedroso

70% bs .)

Profile photo of kingstone77 kingstone77

Thanks Ronnie I got 7 correct out of 10 .

Profile photo of Ukrit Ukrit

My skype is ukrit_2011 Thank you who add me on you skype

Profile photo of Ukrit Ukrit

very funny lesson!


Profile photo of Rene Rene

It was SOOO funny,lol:) Got 80/100. Thanks to the test, I know that “shit” is more offensive than “crap”.

Profile photo of gremelis gremelis

I got 9 out of 10. Funny lesson! Thank you, Ronnie :)

Profile photo of Happy04 Happy04

hey ya motherfuckers, if any1 has a skype u may add me ( abdel max) there’s no time for bullshit and time waster, you disgusting ass n kids of bitches.

Profile photo of Abdel Said Abdel Said

Quite interesting! I loved it.thanks,Ronnie.

Profile photo of alainaldo alainaldo

I got 7 out of the 10 and I think that reason is different culture between Canada and China isn’t?

Profile photo of steven steven

Funny and practical lesson!

Profile photo of SergioGallegos SergioGallegos

Funny and good lesson

Profile photo of Jackkyjackko Jackkyjackko

Thank you! It’s very funny!

Profile photo of Tassaporn Tassaporn

Thanks Ronnie
it’s important to know more vocabulary bad or good to become master in english… thank you once again. keep up the good work, you’re so great…

all the best to you

Profile photo of frankyforlife frankyforlife

will u make a video about types of spices , please ? really appreciate ur efforts thanks alot ronnie.

Profile photo of Mahmoud  Mohammed Mahmoud Mohammed

I got 9 out 10 thanks Ronnie

Profile photo of Inaam Inaam

    try again.

    Profile photo of HassanMohamed@mail.ru HassanMohamed@mail.ru

i did not really like this lesson i will tell why below but good teaching thing that are good to know idot like it because you were cursing but thanks for teaching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Profile photo of cassy123 cassy123

Good lesson!! tks.

Profile photo of JuniorCavic JuniorCavic

I got 7 out of 10, OMG ! Thanks for some swear words Ronnie.

Profile photo of pablovinicius pablovinicius

You are so freaking hilarious saying bad words!!! I love this lesson

Profile photo of bame1001 bame1001

I don’t think “Oh my God” is a swear or bad word.

Profile photo of maury maury

    It’s very mild, but we still have euphemisms for it. Probably it was more serious in the past.

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

Is there anyone saying “holy crap”?!

Profile photo of Casey Casey

    It is totally a thing people say! I promise.

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

i dislike those bad words

is bad words very common in slang ??

Profile photo of hyoono hyoono

An interesting way of teaching…original actually…thx

Profile photo of Oleg21 Oleg21

fuck this lesson was freaking funny !!

I learned a lot

Profile photo of bigboy85 bigboy85

hahaha Oh my goodness i don’t know what to say.
Thanks Ronnie )))))

Profile photo of sagittaire sagittaire

And what about “cunt” ? Is it a bad word?

Profile photo of alxick alxick

    It is indeed a bad word. As an insult to a person, try substituting “bitch” (still a swear word, but not as serious). For the body part…I think we have a lesson on that somewhere.

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

Hi Ronnie, the lesson was so freakin good!
I beat the shite out of the quiz!
Zillion thanks.

Profile photo of alainaldo alainaldo

Hi Ronnie your lessons are a little bit old please please please teach us completely some very very insulting words(swears) we need them I hope you do that, this lesson about swear was not complete. please doooooooooo….

Profile photo of MG74 MG74

movies in English taught us all of those wonderful swear words)))
but is there any other language which is as rich for swear words as Russian?))

Profile photo of k-nata k-nata

    every language has different swear words .
    I remember many years ago that I saw a lorry driver from Russia and did teach me some Russian vulgar words: doggerjy , dondol gomurty , ekhshidor , of course I’ve forgotten their meaning.

    Profile photo of ali ali

    Polish. And other slavic languages ;-)

    Profile photo of hiubhp hiubhp

what can be used instead of f-bomb in “fuck off”?

Profile photo of k-nata k-nata

    Fuck you…

    Profile photo of MG74 MG74

    you can use “go away” instead of fuck off.

    Profile photo of MG74 MG74

      or leave me alone, right? but i meant one of those replacements.

      Profile photo of k-nata k-nata

        keep out of my sight

        Profile photo of mody2001 mody2001



thanks ronnie but i see that the written words on board weren’t clear like the previous videos , please put it in mind next times , thanks again

Profile photo of 3la2 3la2

Thanks a lot, Ronnie! I really enjoyed it

Profile photo of Inkara Inkara

Hey Ronnie, your video is fraking amazing, I feking learned a lot from your video, I did your frickin’ quiz and I effing got 10/10 lol, you’re the best Ronnie, love ya!

Profile photo of Nivans.HotchKiss Nivans.HotchKiss

Hello Ronnie!! where can I use suppose to?

Profile photo of Su Latt Su Latt

Although these bad words are considered offensive, I still think which are important for people who are learning English,At least, we must to know them even if we would not use them.
Thanks a lot, Ronnie, so funny lesson and your teaching. Good luck to you.

Profile photo of noneego noneego

YAY!! This is my first video-quiz 10/10

Profile photo of dayo37 dayo37

Battlestar Galactica! I frak love it.

Profile photo of dalmirdasilva dalmirdasilva

    Obviously I do, too :)

    Profile photo of engVid engVid

it is funny

Profile photo of nasteha mohamood nasteha mohamood

Best English teacher ever!

Profile photo of Rafael Valdevino Rafael Valdevino

Hello Ronnie! I like and always enjoy all your lessons!You are the best of the best!!!
just wanted to ask (not in the sbj)… how can we use “scissors” in everyday speech? i hear people saying “a scissors” or “this is (a) scissors”? “here are scissors”… confused…

Profile photo of Jibeka Jibeka

Thanks Ronnie, I don´t know if it´s just for the bad words but I enjoyed this lesson the most!!!

Profile photo of SebastianBanegas SebastianBanegas

best teacher!!

Profile photo of Kashif shahzad Kashif shahzad

Funny and crazy lesson ;)
i got 6 correct bullshit

Profile photo of muh.salama muh.salama

I’ve heard many times “Oh boy” in situations where people wanted to swear.

Profile photo of lusiko lusiko

thanks a lot ……..

Profile photo of zaidkhazal2015 zaidkhazal2015

Hi the best teacher ever Ronnie,
May you explain the difference between misconceive, misconception and misunderstood and how to use them..?

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Profile photo of dcpr dcpr

Ronnie is the most informal teacher what i saw ever))))
and so many russians left comments here))))

Profile photo of PolinaPony PolinaPony

The first time I got 10 the second 9 kkkkkk shit

Profile photo of DinnoNetto DinnoNetto

This is very useful for the common life and simple, so I think this it’s important know them, ’cause sometimes I’m like a innocent person jejeje

Profile photo of Cristian Gutiérrez Cristian Gutiérrez

its funny! I like the way you teach. thanks ronnie

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Profile photo of Mohammad El Musleh Mohammad El Musleh

Thanks for the lesson, Ronnie

Profile photo of Paulohdf Paulohdf

i heard bullshit many times in american’s series.

Profile photo of tinuviel tinuviel

oh she’s so damn it funny ^^

Profile photo of Danielpatc Danielpatc

it was great tnx.

Profile photo of pezhi84 pezhi84

That’s such funny, omg! Thank you, Ronnie!

Profile photo of uagrl uagrl

Thanks for the lesson 10/10 ;)

Profile photo of jonthanflorez81 jonthanflorez81

Ronnie sweety..I can’t catch fuck fudge..

Profile photo of nourzeina nourzeina

Holyshit~! I got 10/10. It’s wonderful~~

Profile photo of frankchang frankchang

    would i use that correct phrase for “awesome” situation?

    Profile photo of frankchang frankchang

Thanks Ronnie !!! you are amazing teacher.

Profile photo of miltonhb miltonhb

I got 8 out of 10,my mistake was very easy,but I was not able to be attention with the questions I guess.Thank you Ronnie.

Profile photo of Ezana Ezana

You are so cool!;-)

Profile photo of mina7 mina7

It’s nice to know the meaning of these “bad words” and how/when to use them. Thanks Ronnie.

Profile photo of Luiz Alberto Luiz Alberto

I’ve got 70

Profile photo of Murtadha Alsalim Murtadha Alsalim

I think the word “bullshit” is good in express mood when someone saying something that you don’t believe it! Cheer~

Profile photo of ゞ(≧▽≦*)o ゞ(≧▽≦*)o

Excellent lesson!thanks a lot ,it was very funny.

Profile photo of insadu insadu

ya got it swearing meanings

Profile photo of Ruk Bella Ruk Bella

you are a very good teacher!

Profile photo of Beatriz Mendes Beatriz Mendes

hi ronne can you speak more slowly please

Profile photo of heba morad heba morad

I got 9 correct, that is good :)

Profile photo of Sohip Anwer Sohip Anwer

Good to know, it is very useful. Thank you teacher Ronnie.

Profile photo of agnis777 agnis777


Profile photo of Jalo2000 Jalo2000

Now I.m know many word to swear , when Im got very Angry hehehehhehehehehehhehehehehehehe … thank Ronnie : )

Profile photo of Edio Oliveira Edio Oliveira

I have done de quiz and I’ve got 9 correct out of 10 . that’s great . I’m have got the wrong answer . about that 9 question .. ,… !!! OH Dash : )

Profile photo of Edio Oliveira Edio Oliveira

Thank you Ronnie.

Profile photo of pavanut2 pavanut2

wonderful lesson , amazing the way you teach ronnie, thanks a lot

Profile photo of robert14 robert14

holly cow, you’re great Ronnie!

Profile photo of Bergvolk Bergvolk

Thank you Ronni, this is the first time I write you, you’re a good teacher. thanks again.

Profile photo of Gabriel R. Morales Gabriel R. Morales

I got 8 of 10

Profile photo of Adam Rafiandri Adam Rafiandri

8/1o eff it!

Profile photo of blamonka blamonka

It was a fuck great lesson! Thanks a lot!

Profile photo of Ana Augusta Ana Augusta

Thank you Ronnie!

Profile photo of Lucas Antevere Lucas Antevere

what a shitty lessen!!!! thank you ronnie you are my favorite teacher

Profile photo of dreamtravel dreamtravel

I got 80

Profile photo of bolivia bolivia

thanks a lot Ronnie!you’re the best teacher!

Profile photo of Alice21 Alice21

i got 10/10 teacher Ronnie. it is funny lesson. i always think that all these swear words mean the same way but i clearly know that it is different. Thank you a lot for your hardworking. Anyway, if i would like make friend to chat online to improve English, Could you tell me how to, or which channel should i visit. my listening skills is quite okay but my speaking skills need more improving. I am looking for someone who think the same way and reply me in this comment. See you.

Profile photo of tj4ever tj4ever

    anyway , how to edit the comment. If anyone knows again please tell me. LOL

    Profile photo of tj4ever tj4ever

thank u ronnie

Profile photo of haydar madrid haydar madrid

I got 10! very funny lesson Thanks to you all for all the hard work you put into it.

Profile photo of Guisella Renstchler Guisella Renstchler

10/10, You’re so fucking funny!…oh sorry =(

Profile photo of sensesfail sensesfail

10/10 omg!!!
I love you Ronnie !=)))

Profile photo of ryroxy ryroxy

One question, Ronnie. What do you think of this sentence:
“… or who knows, maybe in the future you will end up teaching both portuguese and German”. Is that sentence well written? I mean, I’m not sure about the position of “in the future”. Or I dont know maybe I shouldn’t even say “in the future” at all. Would you please tell me how to write that sentence correctly?

Profile photo of Felix34526 Felix34526

I got a 100% that means I am a master in swearing. Ronnie you’re hilarious. I freakin’ love your videos. Have you heard about Bullshific? It’s another word to say bullshit

Profile photo of musy7 musy7

What the hell..!!! I gosh 8 right answer. what a lesson is this, i felt bad and guilty heheehe :))


It´s so interesting miss Ronnie

Profile photo of fuasto fuasto

thank u Ronnie I got 20 I’ll try soon

Profile photo of HassanMohamed@mail.ru HassanMohamed@mail.ru

I appreciate it. Very informative. Thanks a lot.

Profile photo of Clemares Clemares

Hahaha,So funny. Great Lesson!

Profile photo of jcuevas jcuevas

Thank you very much for everything.

Profile photo of doduchiep10042000 doduchiep10042000

Thank you Ronnie

Profile photo of Mr. Alsayed Mr. Alsayed

Thank you Ronnie. I answered to all questions correctly. It’s wonderfull.

Profile photo of cerg_k cerg_k

Love this teacher very much. Thanks for all!!!!

Profile photo of Shoghik Shoghik

OMG! I got 10/10, thank you Ronnie

Profile photo of AlanWang AlanWang

I think is one of the intrestng videos

Profile photo of berah oussama berah oussama

yeah, definitely it’s a great lesson!

Profile photo of Michelle Michelle

This lesson helps me to understand tv-shows with their “oh freaking perfect

Profile photo of Lena Moto Lena Moto

OMG! It is very helpfull information)))

Profile photo of Yria Yria

Thank you Ronnie :)

Profile photo of Abosana Abosana

thank you ronnie

Profile photo of jaafari jaafari

Your are the best teacher,Ronny! Thank you.

Profile photo of larysa6165 larysa6165

I accidentally found a one of your videos in Youtube a couple of days ago and now I signed in here. I can’t help watching them. It’s irresistible! Thank you for awesome lectures Ronnie:D

Profile photo of heyman90 heyman90

Monkey father!!! you are an excellent teacher Ronnie

Profile photo of glet glet

Ronnieee!.. You remind me of my best friend. You are cool! This is my first day here. Thank you!

Profile photo of Tanya S Tanya S

wow to me hahaha! got it all…nice student to the best teacher…thanks a lot ronnie i like your teaching really.

Profile photo of saaduddin saaduddin

Hello Ronnie, you are in my opinion still the best.I thank you for the videos, and I’d like to give you my idea about something that you used in this video, and it was the usage of small movie fragments, which would enrich your classes just because it helps learning to hear the words and puts in context the phrase or words you are teaching us. Thank you again.

Profile photo of theroyalrook theroyalrook

Hilarious! Great entertainment!! Effin´ Thanks!

Profile photo of Pittipaldi Pittipaldi

80 percent shit

Profile photo of By2505 By2505

I got 9 out of 10 :)

Profile photo of Cheenie Cheenie

thank you its a good lesson you learned me how not to swear thank you you are good teacher

Profile photo of Ahmed E. Ahmed E.

Holy shit!!!!! So damn funny Ronnie. You’re totally making my day with that freaking lesson. I’m fucking love you =)))))))

Profile photo of Kim Yunari Kim Yunari

OMG! I know a lot about swear words in this video. I really like this class.

Profile photo of Ianlin0917 Ianlin0917


Profile photo of ann ann ann ann

I hope you’ll tell us more about BAAAD words cause you know I LIIKE using with my friends and have a little fun learning English Thanks for the lesson but you shoud know nobody can swear like an Iranian!!!

Profile photo of m.m.m m.m.m

Thank you, Ronnie! 10 out of 10! The lesson was fantastic! Hope you’ll tell us more bad words next time XD

Profile photo of RonicaRud RonicaRud

Thanx a lot,Ronnie.realli enjoyed this video and learnt a lot…..by the way the term”behenchod” is quiet common here in india….as you said it means sister fucker….also there is another term “madharchod”which means the same as motherfucker……

Profile photo of dheerajmalhan111 dheerajmalhan111

U are crazzy teacher, dear lady. I will use them in football matches:)

Profile photo of Yawuzmt Yawuzmt

Ronnie, you are the best. I´ve learned a lot with your videos.

Profile photo of piafcheli piafcheli

Thank you Ronnie!!!

Profile photo of charul charul

jajajaj Ronnie is the funniest teacher here, i like to wath her videos, they´re crazy!!!!

Profile photo of Erubiel Erubiel

Thank you very much, Ronnie! I didn’t know what means not to swear and it was funny to hear you saying some bad words! :D

Profile photo of lorenzoyoques lorenzoyoques

I love your teaching dear Ronnie I am an english teacher too but not as good as you. Can I have your
e-mail or gmail and phone number please

Profile photo of Bahramrli Bahramrli

O M G l love this lesson , i hope keep going to do like this lesson

thank you ronnie

Profile photo of magedq98 magedq98

I got 8 out of 10 :) :)

Profile photo of Mimi712 Mimi712

Haha Ronnie I’m a Christian and swear everyday! I love your lessons, so funny!

Profile photo of Carol2015 Carol2015

OMG you’re just fucking funny, I like you! Thanks for this interesting lesson!

Profile photo of Sebert Sebert

love your lessons,the best teacher ever :* :P

Profile photo of qetu qetu

Hahaha… Thank you very much indeed Ronnie. You just saved my skin. :D A shitload of my friends bother me because I don’t know that kinda vocabulary, but now I’ll boast about knowing a bunch of them. Thank you!

Profile photo of Ruth11 Ruth11

I don’t like to say swear words but, I’m sure it’s necessary to understand what people may say to you or when not use it (because the culture, values and othes), nice lesson! 10/10 … O.M.G! lol

Profile photo of Silvio.Carvalho Silvio.Carvalho

That was great Ronnie. thank you

Profile photo of anita abbasi anita abbasi

I GOT 10/10

Profile photo of saba saba

This lesson was very funny and helpful because sometimes, when I’m watching a teen TV series, they’re [characters] swearing all the time and I’m like: ‘????’.

Profile photo of justbenjamin justbenjamin

Thank you Ronnie,
I was watching some series in English and couldn´t understand some words, I supposed what was the mean but now I do know…

Profile photo of Marta Lopez Marta Lopez

As a ESL student, there is no way the instructor teach you this, love it Ronnie, you are the best!

Profile photo of lilio lilio

thanks so much Ronnie! love this fekin’ lesson!! i got 7/10 might be i’m not good at swearing
Anyway: THANKS

Profile photo of Nguyen Van Hau Nguyen Van Hau

This is very interesting Ronnei. Thanks.

Profile photo of SanjulaHapugoda SanjulaHapugoda

Very useful :) Tnx :)

Profile photo of Baha74 Baha74

I knew some of them before ,but its good to know the others.

Profile photo of sahara.seera sahara.seera

Ronnie, I’ve doubt. is “have my word” rude?

Profile photo of aglive aglive

Holy Crap I got 9/10 :)

Profile photo of RoxanaS RoxanaS

I loved that lesson, Ronnie has an interesting way of teaching. It’s really good to learn about that grammar.

Profile photo of Jose Zambrano Jose Zambrano

LMFAO, I love it.

Profile photo of Jose Zambrano Jose Zambrano

oh! fuck I miss one on this fucking quiz,but I like to say many bad words cos is great. Thanks Ronnie for this fucking lesson hahahaha.

Profile photo of chepeclown chepeclown

Hi Ronnie its really funny lesson but it also helpful because I belive that learning other languge it’s not just learning the word of the languge but can be also learning differnces between the culuture and the way that neative speakers thinking .

Profile photo of Abdelaziz @13 Abdelaziz @13

Ms roonie i wanna know what is (i dont give 3 fucking fucks ) mean
someone told me it means i dont care
Is that right?
and if l have any grammer mistake till me plz

Profile photo of Raf-Harbi Raf-Harbi

LOL Ronnie , you’re the best teacher I’ve ever had. You’re the best best best best best!!!!!! :*

Profile photo of adrianocandido adrianocandido

this is a freeking lesson LOL

Profile photo of Rama.jc Rama.jc

Hi Ronnie, I love your teaching style. Just love it!! I have another one for Holly shit. I read it on a board i use to read fanfics, and it’s Holly sheep (It’s a sheep holding a sign saying that =D ). Nice. Isn’t it?

Profile photo of frangie frangie

thanks for the lesson

Profile photo of house898 house898

Holly crap ! She is freakin’ funny !I love this fucking lesson !

Profile photo of Kwick Kwick

Good lesson! You can try “peace door ball” instead of bullshit if you speak with russian guys.

Profile photo of Svetlana Svetlana


Profile photo of shihai182 shihai182

Yeah!! I got 10/10 you monkey feckers!!

Profile photo of Artem Zaloilo Artem Zaloilo

Thank you Ronnie, it is a great lesson. I got most of them.

Profile photo of Zohreh Moradi Zohreh Moradi

You’re the best.

Profile photo of Attila Attila

You got 9 correct out of 10.

Profile photo of M kartal M kartal

10/10 😀 Thank you Ronnie for your lesson!!👹 You are fek(king) great english teacher!!👽🎃

Profile photo of Cathai Cathai

Thanks Mrs. Ronnie!

Profile photo of Alex-1956 Alex-1956

I got 10, I’m really flipin good in swearing.

Profile photo of almahdi860 almahdi860

I lived in Italy many years, bologna means nothing in Italy, just a kind of cheaper sausage called mortadella but nobody use that word for mortadella So.bologna it is just a town and “pasta alla bolognese” is a kind of pasta topped with meat sauce (pork and cow meat)

Profile photo of al willis al willis

Dear Ronnie,
Thank you for presentation of this funny lesson. I learned more about culture of west.

Profile photo of M.Karbalaei M.Karbalaei

it was a fucking and hipnotical lesson, Ronnie, you are the best!!!

Profile photo of emegeve emegeve
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