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Hi James! It was a very helpful and funny lesson, as always. I’d like to take this opportunity to say: Thank you very much for all your lessons, I made the most of them and they have helped me a lot to improve my English in all ways,and also special thanks to EngVid for make it possible… I really appreciate this valuable job that you do to teach people all over the world Thank you guys thanks for that!!!

Brian – from Peru.

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    Yes, I agree. Thanks James, engvid and the others teachers.

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    Hi Brian, wish that all okay with you, yes brother they’re helped us a lot, english already fun to leran before the funny lessons that the teachear made.
    for exemple, if you you want learn Frensh or another language after English you’ll find that very difficult that learnning english.

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Thanks James to teach us how “learn to learn”.
I agree with you . The Kai (change) Zen (good) is the best method to improve our language learning.
We also need a good motivation and a very open mind.

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    Hellooo, hahahah lol (how learn to learn) I like this sentence really

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      In fact the sentence is correct I think, for us the arabic people we can say that. but in english we can also say : How learn to acheive a goal of improving english, or how to organise the steps of learnning english.

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Hi James! It is the first lesson I have watched on EngVid and it is great. I think I will do it regulary. Nice work :)

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Hi James, I was wondering how can I take the quiz of this video because I don’t see any option related to it here.

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Thank you, James. I’ll review again :)

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Hi James:
Thank you for this amazing lesson, but I would like to ask you about the third method “writing”.
Does this method including writing daily diary?

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    I’m not sure if writing daily diary can improve my English, but I am trying to do it now. :D

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thenk you for the lesson

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HI James! I hereby want to thank you for this lesson. Let me tell you that I improved my English by leaps and bound since I began watching your lessons. I’m so delighted today. Thank you so much.

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first time that I take to say that I hope to learn speak English language well. Thanks for the opportunity you are bringing to me.

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James u r 1 of my fav teachers (sry im too lazy too rite out the full words) Anyways i love your lessons and ur VERY delerious!! im an advanced English speaker, im very good at english except im only bad at summarizing and main ideas, can u plz do a lesson on those 2 for me plz i just watch ur vids 4 fun tho, so keep it up and plz add a summary lesson and a main idea lesson :D

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Very good secrets!

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Hi Motormouth;-)
James can you do me a favour? I struggle with phrasal verbs like come back, go back, get back, head back etc. I do not understand the difference. Thank you in advance ;)

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It’s me again.
Is it correct to say: I want to come back to Poland one day.

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    Come back [to here – from where I am speaking]

    Go back [to there, where the other people are waiting]

    So, suppose you are on vacation in London. You are still there, but you’re already making plans to return one day, so you say: “I’d like to come back here one day”. But, if your vacation finished and you are already home, you say: “I’d like to go back there one day”

    Another example:

    Your sister lives in another city. After some time in your home, you say to her: “You should go back home.”

    Your sister lives with you, but went to study in another city. You miss her, so you call her and say: “You should come back home”

    head back: to return to a place from which you recently came

    I walked to the end of the street and then headed back home.
    This is far enough. Let’s head back.

    (There’s a video here, where Adam explains 8 “head” phrasal verbs – including “head back”, so, take a look if you want)

    get back to
    1.(transitive) Return to (an activity)
    I’ll get back to work as soon as I’ve finished this game.

    2.(transitive) To return contact with (someone)
    I’ll get back to you when I have an answer

    3.to return to a place after you have been somewhere else:

    If you get back in time, you can come with us.
    When we got back to the hotel, Ann had already left

    Well, I’m not an expert, but I hope I have helped you.

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      Denise, Thank you very much

      best wishes

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hi !

I really can’t find any e-mail address to you, teachers :( I don’t think you follow all these comments so I just wanted to contact with someone from your team to ask some questions :)
please, reply :)

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Thanks in advance.
see you

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Well, today i’m gonna watch it.

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If it’s possible, record another lesson talking more about this topic James.
Thanks a million o/

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Thank you,James.Focusing you are talking about in the video really works and I think it may be applied in any other field.The way we think is very important.

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I watch every morning the News online and I strongly try to understand them but I sometimes get depressed when I can’t understand them…. Anyway, I think it’s a really good idea to write down my dreams…. ºoº Thanks!

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u r really a very good teacher.

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nice character :)

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Thank you again and keep it up . Cheer !!!!!!

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You helped me a lot with your helpful hints
From now on I would like to study more and more
eventhough I am getting older and older.I like it,you are humorous. See you

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Excuse me,James.
I like your lessons very much! but I am very poor on my English.
About today’s lesson, “the Kaizen method”means one step by one step? and “the writting method”means whatand how to do it? Could you please tell me? Thank you!

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You are someone who doesn’t like to stop producing new projects, and videos.Yes your video is helpful because it is usefull to develop listening and speaking skills but when I am watchig your videos I have some problems with phrasel verbs to understand,so that’s why my question is could you use your videos with subtitles and pdf.For example Mr Duncans videos are shown by subtitles .So let me give you advice to add pdf file and additional materials for videos
Thank you very much

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hi James
i wana know that what is the deffrence between the activator and the synonym of a word?
thanks in advance.

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Hi James!
Thank you. Can you do lesson “Past Simple or Past Continous”, because it’s very hard for me.

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i need to learn grammar english because its very important

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Hi James
I am new here and this is first time i watch lesson for you it was helpful thank you ,what i understand from this lesson is that we should be patient and never giving up

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Dear james im from london , UK actually but I still love to learn english hahaha.but sometimes I preferred to the accent lesson.could u make me some accent lesson

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Here where i get pdf

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It is interesting and really helpful. I the love your teaching style.

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James, you are a great teacher ! And you are so funny !!! This is a book how to make millions of dollars (empty book)) or “I`m just watching this guy who speaks very quickly and just now he told me to take a breath…” And story about workout is amazing, I`ll tell it to smb. We are really appreciate your efforts. I am talking on behalf of all seeds who want to be a tree.. may be.. one day ..

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thank you, Jame…But I have a problem.In the beginning, I can improve your vocabulary very quickly by listening. I can use the basic words in real conversation .No problem. But now, I can’t get more.I can’t use that word that I have heard.Can you help your problem,please?

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Very useful Lesson.Thanks!

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thank you teacher.I have a problem.My problem is I do not know what I want to write,I understood what you teach,when I wanted to write my brain is emty.What should I do?So I really wanted to write to explained myself ,my grammar is terrrible ,I studied by myself not from my university.

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Hi James, I’m a newbie here and this is the second video. Again, I’m quite thrilled to watch it all through the end and found a lot of wisdom that can be applied right away, especially *Kaizen* that is originally from a Japanese word. Keep up the great job!

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As usual it is very nice lesson James.
As you mentioned I am also part of people who worried about the end product without even thinking process. Three methods are very good, and very useful to get the final product.

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the third way u talked about was one of my having fun in my life hhhhh i used to make a long conversations talking to myself and forming all of my thoughts in english expressing myself in more than a way in english and guess what? it helped me a lot with my speaking skills and as u mentioned i started to search for words which i don’t know and i learned a lot more even from movies and series..now i’m the only one from my colleague who can speak english with no fear thanks GOD :)

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I have watched some of your videos on youtube and I like them.
Your videos have helped me to improve my english and I think they are very funny. Although my english is still weak, today it is better than yesterday.
I just wanna say THANK YOU! I really appreciate what you´re doing for all of us.
Thanks again.

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Naaah .. you’re much better than this word ;)

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Great lesson!:)

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It cool for me..
I quite understanding your speech very well..
I felt so great and happy to hear your voice..

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I think it is good methods but I still have a problem i can understand what you say but I start to hesitate and don’t how to speak when I start to speak sometimes I also don’t find an appropriate words to express what i want to say when i start speaking that’s what I am suffering from

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I have a question, its there any succession in vids? I mean about something like order.
Thanks for anserw :)

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    Not really! Sometimes teachers do short series of 3-4 lessons, but they will always tell you in the video, “This is Part 2, part 1 is here,” or something like that.

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Also I have to say THANKS :)

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