there is no quiz….:(


    please i can’t see the video(( why?(


      Use a current version of a modern browser (Chrome/Firefox/Safari/Opera). If that doesn’t work, YouTube videos are blocked in your location.

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    u’re right :(

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    Thank you alex! ‘I was….” Is this correct sentence. ‘was’ is supposed to follow he, she & it. isn’t?
    I’am just a beginner and not sure that this question is deserved to ask you.

    Profile photo of karthickkumar karthickkumar

    I will get better if i keep studying

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    There is no quiz

    Profile photo of kotoz kotoz

I couldn’t see the quiz, either.


I love your teaching style and thankful to you but where is the quiz, Alex?


Is this correct,” who is got a pencil”?


    hi, I think “who dis get a pencil?”

    Profile photo of dungtm dungtm

      sorry, “who did get a pencil?”

      Profile photo of dungtm dungtm

      hi,i think u dungtm and Smitha both r wrong,this sentence can be… “Who have get a pencil “

      Profile photo of babar babar

        Who has got a pencil
        Who had a pencil

        huseyin çeri

    no .sorrry


    I think it this is right
    ‘who got pencil’

    binh nguyen

      who got a pencil sorry!

      binh nguyen

        Well, It ‘s not like that.
        When you want to ask with WH-Questions,you have to use “Helping Verb” such as to-BE , to- Do .
        In this case ,it is “Who DID get that pencil? ” (it means “who did receive that pencil” (I use “that” because it ‘s more specific than “a”)
        I think this would help you.

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Dear Sir Alex,
Thank you very much for your lesson.
Could you put test understanding of this English lesson?
Could you give an example with verbs : get across, get about, get along, get out of, get at?
I look forward to answering from you.
Your sincerely, Ramil.


Good video. My students often use “become” when get or have is the correct verb – “She will become a baby in September.” The videos are so valuable! I use them with students every class period!



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    Walking is good for your health. (Subject)
    Some people say that walking is a good form of exercise. (Object)


thanks alot teacher.


Hi teacher Alex
Thanks a lot for this good lesson. Actually I wanted to do the quiz but there was nothing.Could you please post the quiz of this lesson. Thanks again and have a nice time.

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Thanks very much my best teacher I really understand your lessons always I like your way and I which to be a good teacher in the future just like you. any way if it possible could you explain this topic”basic sentence pattern especially pattern 3 and 4 …..and I have question is it right to say “I am he” or I am him” . and thank you again

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thanks very much I have question for you could explain about the other,others another


hello sir how are you? i hope you will be fine? thanks for your lessons but where is the quiz. your quiz help me so much to memorize your lessons have nice time


Thanks Alex! Great lesson!

I have one question: what is the most commom phrasal verbs used with GET?


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    Profile photo of Bruno Bruno

thank you for give us good lesson an my question where is the exam relat lesson thank you mr alex see you later


Thank you for the useful lesson, Alex. I have a question for you. Can verb “GET” substitute verb “arrive”? For example: I arrived (got) in France in 2010.

Look forward for your comment.

Profile photo of Natalie Natalie

    You can say “I got there in 2010.” If you want to specify an actual place, you would say “I got into France in 2010.” Another example is “I got into school at 8:30am.”

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

      Thanks for your help!!!!

      Profile photo of Natalie Natalie

Can you teach us how to use the word ‘just’?

Profile photo of Sujith Malavisooriya Sujith Malavisooriya

I wanted to learn spoken english

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    all inglish gremers with example


Thank you very much Alix for this useful lesson.

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I loved that class and I love your explanations. You speak so clearly, that I think anybody has doubts after it. Thank you so much!!

Pascoa Miriam

thanks :)

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As far as I know verb “GET” has many different meanings. Alex, could you teach us other meanings of this “magic” :-) word, please? Thanks an advance. Natalie.

Profile photo of Natalie Natalie


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thanks for all



    salahuddin babri

there is no quiz?

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Dear Alex! If you have the text of your lesson, could you send it on my e-mail – vadimchan[ a t ] mail [ d o t ] ru, if you want and please.


Thank you so much!

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Dear Alex, I get really confused with some stuff (deals with numerals) so I’d like to ask a couple of questions… is it possible to contact you directly via e-mail?? if not, please let me know where to mail my posting… Thanx in advance!!
Andriy AKA Jay Jr. at aklsn [at] 3g [dot] ua

Profile photo of Jay Jr. Jay Jr.

hello, i am taking all the lectures, bt i dont know how can i take lectures sequence wise, means is there any playlist or section? like i want to take all the lectures redarding grammer, bt there is a mixture of all the sections. plz help me out. thanks.

Profile photo of waqas006 waqas006

    All the grammar videos are here: https://www.engvid.com/topic/grammar/ (And you can use the English Lesson Finder to find more lessons by level, subject, or teacher.) Hope this helps!

    Profile photo of engVid engVid

hey u’re a good teacher. i want to learn some vocabulary, idioms and conversation related to restaurants, sports and casinos. hope u help me.

Profile photo of mish mish

You are really a very good teacher, and you have a very good and clear method for explanation. thank you very much

Profile photo of moma2011 moma2011

thnx tacher ! your teaching style is outstanding! can you plesae give me a lesson about “have got to”


good vid. thanks


thank you so much

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Thank you very much

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thanks ! Im mexican and I´m trying to learn English ! this web page is woNDERFUL !

lupis !

thank you

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love your teaching style and thankful to you


Where are the quiz I did not get it …


    It’s OK, there’s no quiz for this lesson!

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tnQ Alex . but i need practice plz explain the meaning of got used 2
be used 2


I wanna do quiz
tnx teacher


please i want to do the quiz or i will get angry
…. it’s a joke and i hope you got aa right sentence


Hi, the lesson was great but, where is the quiz

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Thanks Teacher Alex! :)

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Hi dear alex and thank you very much for your good video lessons i have a question about just can you please tell me about this using of this word at everyday speaking and its deferent meanings ? sometimes i think there is no need using this word at a sentence

Profile photo of Pouya Pouya

Hi, teacher.
I have a doubt about how to use the words “all” and “whole”. Could you explain that, please?
Thank you, teacher. It is a great lesson and a great website to learn English.


thank you man

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Thank you so much Mr Alex . Now I finally got the right meaning by the perfect teacher .

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Thank you very much!!!!

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where is the quiz?

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I would like to do the exercises. where’re they? help me!

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Hi Alex

I am from Lima,Peru
Are you have more example with get in present and past?

thank you


Hi there dear Teachers, where the quiz? there is no quiz.


    Not all the lessons have quizzes.

    Profile photo of engVid engVid

Thank you for lesson , Alex!
I would like to ask you :
Can we use “get” in formal meeting, correspondence?

Profile photo of helenamaria helenamaria

It was a good lesson, tanks u very much. I like how u teach.

joel nunez

thanks u very much alex that was a really good lesson


you are excellent schoolteacher


I’m complaining…Where is the quiz…How to check…

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Thanks for teaching. I like the lesson.

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teacher i am not understand this lesson excusme pz pardan


thanks alot


Can anybody tell me where the quiz is ?

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There is no quiz tab for this lesson


Get is very useful,COULD you teach us more about this word,thank you.


i have a question for u that i have already taken a class about used to but i m confused in get used to, u said that it was comfortable? if i feel comfortable for doing any work so when i will use this?

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Thanks alot but where is the quiz?


I really appreciate you for your nice teaching. It was a good experience to visit your lessons and I am really like your style in teaching English.


is that true( i got learning english into engvid)

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Hi sir sir Alex i really like your teaching but my problem is when i lestning english i’m understand repply to word hrad to me. what do

abrar khan

I get a good teacher like Alex

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Thanks a lot Alex because I often get a good lesson from you.


hi everbody,i’am new on this website…it’s the best!


    welcome! Yes, it´s the best!

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Hi, Alex. I like your lessons! Your pronunciation is so clear! I´m happy because I can understand everything that you say! Thank you!!!

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Thank your and Alex,you are a good teacher ^^

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Thank you so much ^_^

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alex sir

Profile photo of satish3d satish3d

thank you alex

Profile photo of titima titima

What about to create a lesson about using phrases with “get”? For example, get away, get on, get off etc. Sometimes I forget the meaning of these expressions and have troubles with them understanding.
As I know in English exists many meanings of words with “get”, “go” and so on. Maybe you can help us to better learn them?

And I also have one more question: can you create a lesson with explanation of most using decreasing words like “gotta”, “gonna”, “kinda” and so on? Thank you in advance!

P.S.: I’m sorry if these lessons already exist at this site and I didn’t find them.

Profile photo of dreamer487 dreamer487

Hello Mr.Alex

please i want you to explain for us the diffirence between ‘will’ and ‘going to’ and when we have to use each one

thanks so much in advance


one of the most important lessons in English formal and informal … but there is a lot of phrasal verbs for GET .. mentioned some thing teensy … but Great Good Work and good Explanation

Profile photo of MaHmoud AliraQi MaHmoud AliraQi

thank you


hi alex you are the best teacher that i never have, from spain thank you so much

maria paz alvarez

Thanks Alex,…..mmm so we need the test!!!!

Profile photo of oklavier oklavier

i love the way you teach


when i ask someone a question and i think they may not understand. Should I ask them .. You get it?? or You got it??


Where is the test?..It’s very powerful for me to check my knowledge after every lesson…
Anyway thank you,Alex, for great material!

Any Russia

thank you alex



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Hello Alex! Thank you very much for such a useful lesson!
I’ve only one question, it’s not related to the topic. Why wasn’t there any article before the word “college”? And could you prepare a lesson “how to use articles”, please? Thank you


Thank you alex.

Profile photo of reem1992 reem1992

where is the quiz?

Profile photo of igormiranda igormiranda

thank you teacher I like you listen I hope get mor information like high levle


thanks alex i’m ganna be better.

Profile photo of tahiraatbin11 tahiraatbin11

Where’s quiz?

Profile photo of guerreiro guerreiro

I always get confuse when I’m writing the word forget and forgot I really don’t know when it’s correct or when it’s not. Help please.

Profile photo of cynthiajb4 cynthiajb4

    Hi Cynthiajb4
    The word “Forget” is the Ist form of the verb while “Forgot” is the 2nd form.
    So whenever you are talking about present time use “Forget” rather than “Forgot”
    In present time.
    1) I Cannot forget my college sweet memories.
    2) I often forget new learnt words

    In past time:-
    1) I forgot all my sorrows of last year.

    2) I forgot my school friend’s name.

    Note:- Forget can also be used in past time either interrogative or negative sentence.
    1) Did I forget my school friend’s name?

    2) I didn’t forget my childhood friends.

    Hope this well help you. Please Sir. Alex through some lights on it or make correction if something wrong.


    Abbas Khan

Sorry guys I used wrong word “through” consider it “Throw” instead.


Abbas Khan

Abbas Khan

yes I get fine when i lesten your lesson .

Profile photo of samire samire

now,english be easy for my


As for me, “get” becomes more clear not so much while i try to learn these cases but more when i study english generally


thank you

Profile photo of volkan84 volkan84

Very good


Hi Alex.. i have a question
what’s the diffirent between (get use to) and(put up with)?
thank you,,

Profile photo of meme515 meme515

Can I say–I’ve got some experiences
to Alex


where is the lesson quiz?

Profile photo of rashidy rashidy

    This lesson doesn’t have a quiz!

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

Hi Alex, where is the test?


I loved your article.Much thanks again.

Pablo Sias

Many Thanks Alex. I confused about that so much. Now it got easy after i watch your lesson.


Thank you Alex!!


please incolede the direct and inditect in your lesson.

salahuddin babri

Great lesson Alex.

I didnt know that we could say “I wasn’t used to driving on the left”.

Thanks for it once again! Congratulations!!

Isaias Costa from Brazil

Isaias Costa

thanks alex your lesson is very good


Very good explaining, helps me much

Thank you Alex !!!!


…and have you got some advices how to improve sentence structure in general?
I have to translate economic sentences German – English is not easy for me

best regards Bianca



Alex is there any meaning differences in these sentences,

– I got to know and I know

– She has got to be sleeping and she has to be sleeping

Thank you for your expanation

Irwan Hananto

Thank you very much Sir. You’re explaining these lessons in a manner that is pleasant to the learner. Your method of teaching is excellent.

-I’m Gamini from Sri Lanka

Gamini C. Kumara

Where is the quiz ..! And thank you



Profile photo of niaz niaz

thank you.


I like this lesson


I think Alex are best teacher for me ^_^


your teaching is exelent thanks


very nice thank u sir


Thank teacher

Na Na

Thank you!! Very good!
But, where I can to get the quiz?


Thanks , it was a good lesson

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Hi Alex! Thanks for lesson! I like your teaching, cause your speaking more clear than other teachers’! I have a question,this summer I am going to go to USA to work and travel. I have only 5 months to improve my english!What topics should I study more in this site to survive there? grammar,speaking,slang……? And how do you think? Will I survive with my terrible english? Thank you! Buy

Profile photo of serykbolsin92 serykbolsin92

I can’t find the quiz, but anyway Alex you did a good job! It’s funny when I tried talking to my husband in English I had to stop and thinking what’s the next word I have to use to make a sentence. hahaha..geez so hard! lol

Profile photo of mckenzie mckenzie

I can’t find the quiz

Profile photo of themohjah themohjah

why i don’t see any quiz here? i can’t find it!

Profile photo of kenzaham kenzaham

Thanks for the lesson
Where is the quiz? I can’t find it


Thanks a lot dear Alex I get to used get now in the right way

Profile photo of preemy preemy

i found it very useful ,but there’s one problem: where’s the quiz? i don’t see it! please alex respond us!

Profile photo of kenzaham kenzaham

can I use “get to” instead of “reach”?

Profile photo of w4ans w4ans

Thank you Alex…vert useful lesson

Profile photo of spous67 spous67

Hello Mr. Alex,
I met “get into the bus” and “get onto the bus” in the internet pages.
Which is correct ?

Profile photo of knihal48 knihal48

    It should be “get onto the bus”. Or “get on to” if you’re extra picky :)

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

Thanks Alex!

Profile photo of JulioCesar JulioCesar

There is no quiz…:( why??

Profile photo of mari01 mari01

Thx mr Alex you are very good teacher God bless you!

Profile photo of nasmuslim nasmuslim

Hi, Alex thanks for the good lesson you taught us.

Profile photo of Bien Bien

how can I check? where is quiz?

Profile photo of Zhaziko Zhaziko

Thank you so much.

Profile photo of bummia bummia

“I used to drive on the left”. Is it correct?

Profile photo of Ju Ju

ohhhhhh,where is quiz?

Profile photo of mrezakhd mrezakhd

I get on with this video.thank you

Profile photo of purehumanbeing purehumanbeing

Hi Alex,
thank you for lesson.
take care

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Hi Alex
Thx a lot :)

but where is th quiz ?

Profile photo of rafou9 rafou9

Thanks a lot sir.. i have one doubt..


Profile photo of Lawser Lawser

Why isn’t there a quiz, I love the quiz

Profile photo of monica rayel moreira monica rayel moreira


Profile photo of mary.TA mary.TA

Amazing job, Alex. Thank you for teaching us. But what a pity. There’s no quiz… I’d like to practice.

Profile photo of thais.franco.martins thais.franco.martins

“I got used to write with the left side.”

Is it right, teacher?

Profile photo of thais.franco.martins thais.franco.martins

very helpful. Could I say “I used to get late …? If I get that job,I`d get a lot of money”

Profile photo of knoo knoo

where are the quizzes? :(

Profile photo of fakedavide fakedavide

hello Guys,
what does mean ‘ get into ‘ .. its a phrasal verb i think … can anyone give me the meaning ?? …

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Profile photo of Ram Langle Ram Langle

Thank you!

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I’m not used to commenting here but this helpful lesson impose me to thank you lots.

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Where is the quiz???

Profile photo of marszen marszen

where is quiz? I refresh my web page but did find quiz. can you bring the quiz about this topic

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there is no quiz

Profile photo of muratdemir muratdemir

idk . why on the test / not in the test ? i saw Rebecas’s video about in/on Paper- in / Tchlogy-on

Profile photo of k1ngofeverest k1ngofeverest

thanks a lot

Profile photo of Delia Khoo Delia Khoo


Profile photo of shihai182 shihai182

thank you Alex
are there any videos about phrasal verb get?

Profile photo of Iasha Iasha

As always, I wanna thank you Alex! Great lesson!

Profile photo of Jonathas Wilhem Jonathas Wilhem

OMG someone took the quiz.

Profile photo of perungromovnik perungromovnik

Thanks , i just wanna ask
Is there meanings other than these ?

Profile photo of Mkolan Mkolan

Thanks , i just wanna ask
Is there meanings other than these ?

Profile photo of Mkolan Mkolan

there is no quiz

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