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hi alex!

Thanks for new lesson.It’s really out of the blue for me:)

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    oh shit u are really adept at learning ’em!


    yeah it s really an interesting lesson thank you so much!!!!!!!

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Thnk you so much, Sir.

You made those idioms very clear to me.



Thanks a lot, It is really useful


Hello! i am a new student. i want to improve my English, so i come this site and research for something that help me into speak and writh English fluenly. i very thank you that i can see this site and can get some thing free. thank you!


I haven’t known that in English there is a lot of idioms about BLUE

Alibek from KZ

    Hi Alibek
    There are quite a bit idioms about BLUE and our great teacher Alex mentioned it in this video.

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hi, alex
it is very helpfull.
thank you


Hello there…….thanks for teaching n thanks for all videos. U All teachers are great n very helpful.i just want to ask u i have good command over english grammer but i m still cant speak properly i want to speak fluent english. can u give me some suggestions or tips for speaking fluent english. i’ll be very thankfull to u.
caps from India

Profile photo of caps caps

    Hi caps,

    Honestly, the best way to become fluent in English, aside from living in an English speaking environment, is to use it as often as possible, and to expose yourself to authentic English materials. Read English news websites and books, listen to English news, and watch English television. If you can find an English-speaking friend, that would likely be a big help as well.

    Thank you for watching.

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

      Hi Sir
      I just want to confirm what you said recently in your answer to Caps.Before I came in US I didn’t have friends I could speak English fluently with,but since I Have got into US,I speak it everywhere and I read and I listen only the programs in English.That helps me to improve my English really fast.

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      thanks for the valuable tips!!
      Your teaching is simple and easy to understand as well remember.

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Ual nice lesson!!!

Can you make more video lesson like those ???
I love to learn idioms.



    More are coming. I hope you will enjoy them. :)

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

      you were going off


Thank you very mach for this lesson. I think it is useful for my and my family alot .

I have one question about this lesson ist any another mening for blue .

Nasser from Qatar


I got 5 correct answers! It means that your explanations were good and understandable! I have some ideas about the topic for your future lesson. Can it be about some phrasal verbs and their meanings? I know that phrasal verbs take an important part in daily conversations in English and in American – English. Thank you!

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    I will keep this in mind for future lessons. Thank you for the suggestion.

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Hi Alex.

I didn´t understand the idiom “blue in the face” very well. Thank you!.

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    Hi Sir
    BLUE IN THE FACE means for example you talk to a person until you get tired and sick trying to convence him/her but you never succeed

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      congragulations Alex, l really like the way of yr teaching.by the way,in the above explanation the word should be convince instead of convence.

      yucel from Turkey

Hello Alex, thank you for the lesson. Although I learn English already for many years I’ve never heard these expressions :)

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thanx for all the help



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i got 100 in the quiz ,yeahhh,thanks to the teacher


Hi Alex,

Do North American policemen wear blue uniforms?? I am just wonder.^^

Your teaching is very useful for me.

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    Yes, North American police officers wear blue uniforms. I’m glad you enjoyed the lesson!

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Nice lesson!

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hello alex

Thank you for your explanation i learned a lot. Your teaching is very well and clear to me. I have a request. Can you please explain to me how to used the word does can you give some example. Thank you and more power to Engvid.


i really enjoy ur lessens ..
ur way of teaching is very nice ..u make it easy and well understood ..
thanks a lot :)

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hi,thanks for your all help.best wishes for you.

noureen khurshedi

Alex thank you for your lesson.


Thank you Sir a lot,your lessons are extremely clear as a belt.

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Hello, this lesson was very interesting for me, Thanks very much.

I wanto to learn more idioms.


Thank you …
This is the first time I hear about blue, but I want ask about some Idioms I couldn’t understand it It’s ( do’s – don’ts ) this idioms are written in my book … Can you explane it for me pleas ??

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thank you so much help me for my engli

sally m

hi alex thanx alot if u dont mind can u tech about using of “LET” plz GOD BLESS U…..

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not easy !! sorry

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    It’s v easy.Don’t feel blue


Thank you very much for teaching us、Mr.Alex.I could understand.you know now I am really enjoy learning english!!
All the best from japan

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Hi.. thank’s Mr Alex
realy … you help me, You and the other teachers
please what this phrase mean “I get shot right through into a bolt of blue” << in the song but in the lyrics "I feel shot right through with a bolt of blue"
i mean, what the word blue mean in this phrase
thank you in advance


hi Alex
his style to teach English is very pretty, your lessons are going to help me GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!


YEHA I totaly undertood this lesson,,,,,,,,

thanks Alex

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Fantastic , i like your lessons ^_^

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firstly I thank to you for interpreting evry point in the english language. I took many lessons in inglish coaching centers and i wrote toefle and gre( write now i am a graduate student in US), but still I couldn’t speak fluently. Really i tried always but still i am shy to speak with americans and with my professor. plaese suggest how to overcome with this problem. And now i am practiceing for TSC. but I don’t know how to get on from that exame. your advise is very helpful to me.

Venugopal reddy

I must say that this lesson is out of the blue, or the boys in blue will clutch me.

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This site is really help me improving my English skill. I love your teaching.
Thank you so much.


thanks sir

sanjeev kurmar lama

Hi Alex!
u r really doing superb….. God bless u dude


hi Alex. i have seen your session of lecture………it really very helpful…..please upload more video………on tense……and their forms.

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I’m lucky to find out this web. Ur lesson r great! Thanks a lot ^^


Hi Alex I have been studying english for two years ,and never seen this expression I’m feeling blue, congratulations I’m gratefull for your explanations ,I’m fan of your topic thanks a lot


Never know before it is very interesting!!

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Hi alex!

great lesson!!!! thank you so much! I have a question what does blue books mean?
thanks you in advance


Graet lesson .Keep on Alex .


thank you very much i deeply appreciate your help god bless you thanks


Good Job!


Thank u sir for this lesson..
After watching this i was not at all feeling blue for English language…


    Nice example :)

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Very useful but need some more quiz

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The idioms are always interesting and sometimes difficult to retain. Thanks Alex.

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i realy love the lesson.thanks so much

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good…! cleary

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    Thanks for encouraging us this is very well for all the listeners and for the learners.


Thanks alot alex,u deserve more than teacher, how u persuaded and differentiate the things.
i can say i feel better,better thanks again.


hi alex, it was really great to be your student. because of you, there is a marked improvement in my writing.thank you so much..




hello,all the lessons i have read are awesome and they really helped me a lot. It’s really out of blue for me


Next I like to watch idioms on different colours

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ow my test score is the best one because of the teacher


excellent explanation Alex…


i liked so much alex


Dear,Alex thank you for all your lessons.


hi alex, i liked this lesson


hi alex, i liked this lesson


its so smart this.

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good good!!

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Hi Alex. Thanks a lot for your lessons. I’m doing my MA thesis on idioms. I’m using the idioms you and your colleagues teach because I find them common and useful but wanted to know your opinion as a native speaker. Do you think that these idioms are the most frequently used ones?Do you have any frequency list?


you’re the best teacher.. congratulations..!!!
I understood everything..


Dear sir

Thank you for the lesson. You are wonderful teacher.


Sir Alex,
I think you are great teacher – your spelling vocabulary and simple explanation makes you work excellent!
I think that is serious problem when we talk for a phrases (like individual) or phrases verbs. That is another level of difficult for the learners after there improve of the standard rules, exercises and tests. Or this situations began to appear and when we started to try to watch or listen real English speech!
Am I right?
Good lucky!

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Thank you so much Mr.Alex it was really helpful, to be honest some of them I didn’t have any idea what they ment thanks alot .

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Thank you very much for your an excellent lesson.
I hope you will give us more about idioms ,as I believe the languages(are idioms).


Thanks,for the great videos for learners and this is very well job from all the team of engvid and this is main part of leaning.


Hi Sir Alex, I enjoy and learn every time I watch your videos.
And I am hoping that you could help me in improving my grammar and vocabulary.
What do you think is the right modal that I supposedly used?
Do you think Sir my grammar is correct?


these questions or examples are whatever you say.they’re really useful after the lesson.
thank alex.
keep up ;)

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Hi Alex!
I didn’t have any idea what they ment.
But, now I do.
Thank You.


I was sroeisuly at DefCon 5 until I saw this post.


Hi Alex!
I understood clearly idioms.
Thank you very much for this less


thank you very much my teacher. you are great.and ı say everybody please keep touch for english then write inter us. what are you think ?

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hi alex
thanks for this lesson


hey alex! I don’t get that part. please can you make it clear for me .I want to get more explanation for the word blue .But you steal did a good job . thank you for your patient

jenel sanon

Hello alx.thanks for teaching n thanks for all videos

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thanks Alex

Profile photo of olaghobachi olaghobachi

I really appreciate your classes but sometimes the voice it’s not clear. The echo it’s the cause.

Aina Vey

Good teacher,

Omar alkaisi

Thank you, Alex! I’m feeling blue without your wonderful lessons. And I try to listen these lessons until I’m blue in the face!))It’s truth!!!)

Any Russia



thank u so much ,i like your lessons

jenny maryam

thanks very much teacher alex.


Hi Alex,
First of all i would like to thanks engvid.com that they discovered you and this lesson really you tought in good style.thanks alot.


Hi Alex.Your lessons are very good.When I watch them I am very amazed learning new informations.I have a request for you.Can you make english lesson about signals of all tenses?If you can I will wait.See you again bye


Thanx very much :) These video lessons really help me

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i loved the lesson!

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Tanks Alex but this lesson not easy for me and what about anather color.

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Oh thank you very much!!! At last I’ve found out the meanings of these idioms!!! It’s very useful lesson!!!

Profile photo of greyeyed greyeyed

Thank you!


Hi, Alex!
Thanks for this lesson.
I really didn’t know that have a lot of phrases using blue color.

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thanx Alex,
very nice lesson.
hope for more in future…!!111


Thanks a lot, this lesson is very interesting and useful, so would you like to explain again the mean of ” blue in the face ” I don’t seize all the mean of this one. If you have more examples, I will really happy to get them. Many thanks

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Thank you, this leson is very useful. I have a question, what people mean when they say “feeling green, feeling yellow, feeling gray…”. Thanks a lot.

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Thank you very much. It is very useful site.


Thank u The idioms are very useful. Everyone can “show off” using tham in the right time


keep moving forward !!
i will keep learning English !!!
thank you so much for your help ^^
have a good day
love ya
From Vietnam

Red Waterfall

salam Alex ,i like this lesson
thank you


i am feeling blue right now.


out of the blue for me

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What an interesting lesson! Many thanks to you, Alex.


that was outstanding!i wish u could add up some more useful lessons so we get to know more about English language! we r grateful :D


hi Alex
u are doing great. just go on man.
we all appreciate that.


great job !!!


hi, Teacher Alex this is a good way to learn idiom for me. thank you so much.


Nice lesson :-)

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Alex! Please make more videos …………… It seems that everyone likes your videos very much and hopes you’ll make more ……and more….. Thanks.


Hi Alex, how are you? I missed your tipical “thanks for clicking in this lesson” :-)

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Thank you Alex
My Megards :D

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i think the expressions are important to speak English. that’s way thanks just for this lesson.

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thank you Alex

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thanx for the lesson Alex thatz pretty thrilling! :)

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Nice lesson! Thank you Alex!

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Thanks a lot Alex.I would say that I clean my bathroom once in the a blue moon too. ^^

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Thanks a lot Alex!

Profile photo of Walaa Hajali Walaa Hajali

I didn’t understand what blue in the face means, can someone help me please?

Profile photo of Ender Ender

Thank you.

Profile photo of pafsilipoclub pafsilipoclub

The idioms are very useful, thanks for the lesson!!

Profile photo of AndersonBanquet AndersonBanquet

Thanks a lot. I really reflect over before doing the exercice.

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That was a great lesson. You are great Alex.

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May ALLAH bless you Mr Alex

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thanks Mr.Alex

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Wonderful lesson! Thank you.

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5/5! Thanks Alex! You make it so easy!

Profile photo of vivircarneiro vivircarneiro

5/5 very easy, thank you

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Hi Alex,
You lesson are very cool. But I want to ask you a question, when do we use the and when do we use a. I’m very happy if you can give me some tips. Thank you

Profile photo of Tran Thi To Uyen Tran Thi To Uyen

Thanks alot Alex, you are wonderful.

Profile photo of LeTranBaoKhoa LeTranBaoKhoa

5/5 Thanks

Profile photo of Sunny Muffin Sunny Muffin

Thanks a lot!

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hi! can you give important list of idoms.it’s help me.

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I visit my grandmother in Depok once in a blue moon.

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Thank you Mr. Alex for an interesting lesson.

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