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These are very very confusing words, especially when it’s about the verb, same pronunciation as a noun, and meaning is totaly different. . . Complicated, but I’ve learnt it, thank you Rebecca for explanation, very useful :)


    There r alot of deserters in this world

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thaks fot the lesson!

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    I made a mistake! I wanted to write “thanks” instead of “tanks” “my bad”

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Thank you Rebecca. You guys are doing wonderful social work. Expecting such lessons in future too…Thank you…


Where is the quiz ??


    yea yash where is the quiz?????????

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    You really don’t need quiz. . . If you understand this lesson, you can make quiz all by yourself :)


hi rebeeca how r u?i just wanna ask about how can i use have u seen and did u see ? i mean what is the difference between them? my best wishes for u good teacher.

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    Did you see – Past Tense, you use this phrase when you know exact moment when something happened. For example: Did you watch that football match “yesterday”?, this phrase is almost always followed by some adverb which shows us exact moment when something happened, in this case that is “ÿesterday” etc. Have you seen – Present Perfect, you use this phrase when you don’t know when something happened, so the question begins with have or has. . . This verb tense is most difficult, because many languages don’t have that tense :)


      Thanks for helping out, Mark. That was a good explanation.

      Sometimes there is not much difference in meaning between the Past Simple and the Present Perfect. However, if you refer to a finished time, such as yesterday, then you must use the Past Simple; If you refer to an unfinished time, like today, this week, this year, my life, etc, then you can use Present Perfect.

      Abdulelah, please consult a good grammar book for a fuller explanation. My best wishes to you.

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Dear Rebecca,
thanks a lot for solving this,and thank God to find this website,
you are much much much better than our teacher,
I want to see more and more


thanks very much.i nead a quiz if you donot mind


Rebecca U made me understand easily pretty lady.so long n’ goodbye.



You are a very nice teacher because you explain difficult issues with easy explanation. Thank you very much!!


Do you offer class on line?? It is possible to talk with you on the skype??


    i´d like talk you, teacher. Today, i found this web page and it was very useful.

    have a nice day.


    I do not offer online lessons at this time. Thanks for asking. I wish you the best.

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awwwhh this lec z only fr indian’s lolxx…..


Hi teacher Valen
How are you?
I am a new student.




Hello Rebecca and everybody! Rebecca, thank you for the lesson! These words are really confusing. I hope I won’t forget this lesson. At least for now :), everything is clear.

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hi everyone, hi from turkey

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hi rebecca thanx for all the lessons that you made for us i just want a lesson about the GRE test


Dear Rebecca!

Thanks a lot for your lessons! The way you talk to us is very understandable. You are such a lovely person in all things. I am glad that i have a teacher like you.


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hi my name is khulan. i am new student.
iam from in Mongolia.i want learning english but i can`t. help me please


wow mam ur explanation is amazing i really thankful to u & myself also cuz once i ws feeling bore i type business conversation & inside saw ur video nw i’m happy alott cuz daily i’m taking 1hour lesson frm u all. thanks alottt:)


Thanks so much

Thanh Hương

Thanks Rebeca! Your class was very useful.

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Thank you Rebecca for the lesson. your teaching style is very good and easily understandable. I have confusion about the use of the world apparent. could you please help me on this.


i saw your lessons on online it was realy best I learn so much it is realy a great job you people doing

mohammad akbar from gwadur


Thank you .

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HI Rebecca,
Can you please update your countable and non-countable page to include words with suffix MENT, TION? Nation(s?), government,(s?), Compliment(s?), endorsement(s?), condition(s?)…..etc THANK YOU!


thank u very much


hi rebecca. can i ask u a question?? what’s difference between unemployable and jobless

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    Unemployable means that you maybe don’t have qualification for some job, and jobless is your current status, I think this is the basic difference :)


      Thanks, again, Mark. You are right!

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      thank my teacher!


thank u so much :x

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Thank you do much. I would like to practice my eng.

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very important class. I didn’t know that


your website Rebecca is head and shoulders above the others and your colleagues are very nice too, way to go guys(honestly i used a dictionary to write)

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thanks rebecca


Dear Madam

my name is shamim alam.from nigeria but i am bangladeshi.i am doing a job in here.i dont know good english.could you healp me please.how i can learn english.& how i can learn grammar…please reply my….Thank you madam

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    hi,Shamim. first of all listen to the radio and watch T.V a lot.if you are single try to find a girlfriend or boy friend who can speak English originally. and if you are married find an English family.I think you are Moslem.OK. believe!that God doesn’t leave you all alone and he shows you the best way to learn it.So don’t worry.I’m sure you can do this.truly…..mosaeedi USA

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thanks a lot


Excelent, Rebecca! I love your lessons!


Lovely !!! Excellent explanation and very helpful and friendly teacher :-)


please tell me how do we pronounce this word dessert – ‘de-zert’ or ‘du-zert’???????


    idiot Rebeca told us on her lesson¡

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Thanks a lot, Rebecca.
This class of differences between Desert & Dessert was really understandable and I did enjoy it as per your excellent way of teaching….Thanks again.

Jesus Enrique Camaran

thanks rebeca,i love this lesson.


ah… there is no quiz. thanks anyway. :)

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Hello madam
thank you so much for the explanation, but I would like to ask you a question about the menu at restaurant, they put “cheese” under the column of dessert, so why? personaly I don’t consider “cheese” as a dessert, thanks for the reply.

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    you shouldnt to say madam to rebeca on her country it doesnt use

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thanks for this lesson teacher

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thank u very muach Rebecca you are definitely great teacher, u know this word is really confusing u beacuse it’s very close to each other, but any way i learn it thank u again.


thanks kha , I understand !

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I don´t see the quiz!!!!!!!!!!!1

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Thank you Rebecca. These two words are really confused me for a long time. Thanks your explanation.


It’s very useful.thanks for your explanation rebecca.


English is very difficult but I don’t give up


Thank you


I got a lot Thank you very much.I want to know that is their any way to develop my spoken English by using online conversation or any software —replaying to me.


very good, i had a lot of confuse beteewn disert and dissert,,,,,,,LORD Please bless our teachers they great


is not have a quiz what is that the teacher said you take a quiz is not have


thank you very much for your clear explanation. thanks again


Hello, Ms. Rebecca,
First of all i would like to thank you a lot for your efforts.
I am eager to speak english like you or at least close to your accent, i dont how but trying a lot can you advise me how can i get the noth american accent.
I am rager to change my accent but I dont know how.

Appreciate your soonest reply to email, I am very serious.

my email id. dali_ali75@yahoo.com

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thank you Rebecca its extremely useful


very nice, appreciated job.

Sofaj Narow

Wow! what a splendid way to teach.


Hello everyone who is working for this site.this is wonderful job doing by your team and its very appreciable. I would like to say Hercules Thankx to you


thanks a lot!!
so usefull…..


Hi Teacher i am new student, i am from pakistan. your way of teaching is so good and your web really facilitate us to learn more and improve our english grammer. so many thanks for this great working.


thanks for this lesson

baruch chauskin

am new student i like engllish please how is learn english

ifrah ali farah

hi teacher the lesson is very good


That was a awesome lesson! My vocabulary is not very good so please make more tutorials to widen my mind of vocabulary. I am primary 5 in Singapore.

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Hi Rebecca ,
I’m Abdul Hameed from Iraq . I’m a teacher of English and I always watch your videos lesson which admired me very much. I’d like to appreciate your efforts in sereying such topics in an easy way especially in those lessons on confused words . Thanks again and again . I hope you’ll give lessons for advanced learners .For example topics on listening comprehensions or writing essays using your easy and enjoying method .

Abdul Hameed Mustafa

awesome. you all are the best.


thanks,now it is clear.

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i am very glad to learn with you tanks so dear TEACHER


Thank you So much


Many many thanks ma’am!!!

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thank you for the teacher



Abdul Qayum

where’s the quiz?

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Thanks REBECCA!! You are the best!

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dear rebeca very interest lesson. thank very much

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Thank you Rebecca , but where is the quiz.


I always do this mistake, hopefully I will not be doing that mistake anymore :)

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Rebecca thanks for your lesson. I always got confused with these words. Now, after your exelent explanation they will be a lot more clear.


Thank you for this excellent lesson. Many thanks for dessert as well.


I want to learn English fast. How can I do it.. Tell me what I have to do and thank you for teachnig rebecca (:


thank you teacher you are the best

jefferson garcia

Very very helpful lessons, i leardned something i didn’t know, thnak you so much

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Good!!! Thanks so much Rebecca!

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we need quiz each lesson

sele mel

In the past I was very confused about that. but now I understand. Thank you very much.

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COOL, Thanks : )

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Hi Rebecca,

thank you so much for the invitation to dessert :) (would you like a dessert?) I am fighting to lose weight, but I can’t refuse your invitation. You are not only a good teacher, but very positive person. It’s my pleasure. (Sorry for my bad English)

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really i had confused these words. now cleared my confuse. thank you very much…

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These words made me confused. For a long time, I was egrigious cause I didn’t learn the diference between very dry region like sahara or gobe and sweet food. Thanks for Rebecca (the same my daughter’s name) and ENgvid (free).
Here you can learn hurry.
sorry for my wrongs

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ohh I wanted do the quiz

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A world of thanks!

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It is mean i would like desert from desert and when i come home i will eat dessert, but after propably my teets will desert from my mounts :D

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Thankyou very much Rebecca.

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Bingo!again I got 8 correct out of 8. without watching the VIDEO. Actually, I thought I would have one mistake” with pronouncing ” desert” dezert or dizzert

Thanks Rebecca.

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Dear Rebecca,
It is fantastic to walk in the desert sand.
It is very pleasant to taste the regional desserts.
Best regards.

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Dear Rebecca,
Thank you for your lessons. They are always interesting and comprehensible. I watch them every day and note all the information. Would you be so kind to give me a clue? Speaking about menu from the restaurant how it is better to say (I mean stylistically) “good endings” or “good ending” if we talk about the heading of the desserts. Where can I find such an information?
In any case thank you very much.
Best regards.

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my quiz
You got 8 correct out of 8.

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excellent explanation
thank you so much!

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in spite of I know the meaning of the two words, I preferred to watch this lesson to know the pronunciation,
then you give me a tip, you taught me that I can use “desert” as a verb, and that’s something new for me.
thanks, Rebecca.

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88 You got 7 correct out of 8.


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I got 8 correct out of 8, thank you Rebbeca!

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Thanks Ms. Rebecca!

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Thanks for the lesson. It’s great!

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