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What is the Japanese word for "divine wind"?

What is the Japanese word for "sword"?

What is the word for a very large wave of water that causes destruction on land?

A _____________ is a short poem.

What is the word for "plant that grows in a tray"?

The art of folding paper is called ______________.

What is the Japanese word in English that's similar to "nerd"?

A _______________ is someone who has a lot of strength, power, or money.

What is the word for Japanese-style breadcrumbs?

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16 Comments on “16 English words that come from Japanese: karaoke, origami, tsunami, tofu…”

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Thanks Ronnie!!

Saturday, December 28th 2019

Thanks Ronnie!

Saturday, December 28th 2019

Great ! Easy to learn and remember

Sunday, December 29th 2019

From what I see , you know the grade 1 kanjis :D
There is a small lack at nami kanji of the tsunami.
I’m also learning Japanese these days and having so much fun :D
For now I got used to exact 462 different kanji,but still there is a long way waiting on this journey.

Sunday, December 29th 2019

I got 9/10 wrong number 6, so now i remmebered Futon mean a bed and futon isn’t a couch. Thank Ronnie a lot

Sunday, December 29th 2019

thank you very much

Monday, December 30th 2019

In the city that I live, there’s a new brand of bread called ‘panko’. I guess all these words were borrowed to brazilian portuguese as well.
Greetings from brazil!

Monday, December 30th 2019

Hi teacher I want to learn English
How can I contact you

Monday, December 30th 2019

10/10 – Thanks Ronnie. You are amazing =)

Monday, December 30th 2019

thanksssss Ronnie!!

Tuesday, December 31st 2019

10/10! You are amazing teacher!

Friday, January 3rd 2020

Hello everyone

Friday, January 3rd 2020

10/10 … your expression was funny but you are awesome tutor.
thank you.

Saturday, January 4th 2020

Thank you Ronnie

Friday, January 10th 2020

Great lesson ! i actually started to make some origamis in my leisure time & i ve just discovered some new words in ur lesson

Saturday, January 11th 2020

oh my god, I did it

Saturday, January 11th 2020

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