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Thank you James. And Hi from Russia!


The lesson is really impacting. The most convenient method for me is reading; nevertheless, I will try out all the 4 methods


Hi James! Thanks in advance for your video. From my personal point of view and experience watching videos, movies, series even news is English but with subtitles also in English has been the way that Im using to understand and improve my listening. Im a native Speaker of Spanish and to be honest, speaking has being the most difficult part, Actually Im a crew member of Royal Caribbean and this type of your is also a good way to learn and improve. I already tried flash cards (I have a lot of them but home) and it worked but only when I was studying. I consider myself so committed of learning English but pronunciation and Phrasal Verbs Oh my God is so hard for me. I just can say this is a process and practice is the best way to learn!

Karen Lizeth Lopez Cruz

Practice make perfect..


Merci engvid


i have learn a lot of new things for this lesson, thanks.


Hi teacher how are you

Omar kalif

Appreciate your great lesson James. It is helpful.
Btw, stay safe and healthy during quarantine time


Hello James!
Thanks a lot!
Great lesson!

Antonio Sergio G

Thank you so much for the Lesson, it was awesome

Zakaria El hassani

Thanks James.
And Hi from Italy. ;-)


It was a superbe It was a superb lesson. I will do all the methods.


thank you Mr. James such a useful lesson

i try to read game of thrones part 1 but i don’t have much time to do this frequently so i forget then i try to read again what i read before so i could be able to remember i don’t know if this method good or i should continue reading the rest of the novel although, what i have forgotten

Aml Mounier

Thank you for your lesson, James, it’s really inspiring.
Let me pass a little off-topic remark, too. What are you saying at 14:13 in the video? The subtitle says “So, what I wrote over here, I was saying”. I can recognize the words “So” (at the beginning) and “saying” (at the end) but none of the words in between. Of course, it’s not your fault, such things drive me crazy a lot of times when listening to English (e.g. movies). Unfortunately, this is a strange (and rather annoying) peculiarity of the English language: words are seldom pronounced as given in the dictionary. In fluent speech, words are very often truncated, and it is the audience’s task to recognize the word from just a few sounds. This is my biggest problem with spoken English. I can learn the spelling and pronunciation very well (both in US and UK English) but understanding these sections when the speaker accelerates all of a sudden and says 4-6 words in a fraction of a second is beyond my capabilities. I would love to see a video about this topic.


He speaks too fast


Thank u so much for this lesson,it’s so helpful


I had a good understanding on this lesson. This terms output and input can say so much about life, when a person spend so much time have been capable just to input information. And spend so much time around seeing it like a limbo. After this people say “Hello babe! you welcome!” kisses (by waves)


It is very useful ways. Thank you for sharing us. I am so happy to learn.


Hey teacher am watching from Kenya


Thanks alot I really wont to learn English


Just an amazing technique at the end, thanks for the long lesson, much appreciate


thanks, James. So, what means that phrases in mandarim and russian?


thanks James, your videos are very useful and understandable.


This is very useful and it has helped me much

Dery Cornelius

I’d like to offer read yahoo answers instead of reading fiction. You can even answer to anybody :)


    We do not recommend using Yahoo Answers to learn English. For example, all the users in this video are trying to spell the word “pregnant”. And some of these people are native English speakers.

    engVid Moderator

thanks james for this lesson


I was thinking that if everybody doesnt learn the things in the same way. Because everyone has a different abilities and different brain… that´s crazy thing? I don´t know, but I beleve it.


I didn’t know before how I can make conversation without partner. Hopefully, today I understood good English skills from you teacher. As of today I would like to use all these skills like input/output, pacing, mimicking and creative practice. So this will develop my English skills quickly.As you said, I just want to take one skill like:- WRITING:
I am thanking teacher for your time to teach us more useful lessons.
Best regards,
Mohamed Isse,


This is the best English lesson I’ve ever had! Thank you so much James! It was really great!

Burcu gulemet

Hi James I need help


Thank you James!!!
It was a very useful lesson!!!


I love the way James teaches.


Thanks James, great lesson!


Hi everyone, very useful lesson, specially these days oflockdown. Thanks for the advice!


Thanks a lot, I will put in practice your advice


Hi James!! I love the way you teach. Thanks!!
I’m from Brazil :)


hi James ,thank you a lot for your effective way of teaching .

Jhabindra belbase

The topic of today’s lesson is a very good one and I believe today’s lesson will help many English learners. I think learning English with engVid is one of best ways. By watching various videos of good teachers, we can improve our understanding of English, listening skills and hopefully speaking practice by mimicking what teachers say. We can also improve our output(writing) by leaving comments often. I think I’m at a low-intermediate level. I understand grammars, vocabulary, etc. But I’m not good at listening and speaking. I can listen less than 20% of English movie. But I can listen above 80% of engVid lesson when I really concentrate. If I practice speaking with native speakers more often, I believe I can improve my English faster.

Insoo Yeo

Thanks a lot James ! I love your way of teaching :)


My favourite type of learning English is reading because I like to read books in my native Russian lenguage and now I’m trying to read English books. Phrases I had known before I write in my online-dicitonary (I use LinguaLeo for do this) and listen right pronunciation.


Thank you so so much you are amazing


Hi James,

Thanks a lot, that was great. God bless you


Great lesson! My favourite method is input/output. Thank you James!




¿Como puedo activar los subtitulo de esta lección al español?


thank you James, i well try the 4 methods

Reham hendam

Hey JAMES thanks you a lot!!!

Charlie Neighborhoods

Hi James you are amazing teacher. Thank you so much


My favorite method is watching your movies.
Thanks a lot!


i am planning to start using flash cards, i think will work


Hi James I got 9 out of 10 and I want explanation of 9th question


Hi! I’m looking for speaking partners to practice. If anyone is interested, I’m in


Thank you so much, James. :) I love what you are doing! I do writing now and then. For example I wrote this today (it’s like some Sunday metaphor):

“I was walking along the railway platform and I pictured how I ballooned myself up and flew right up to the skies. In a cool way, just like Mary Poppins would do. And then I just exploded into thousands of little pieces, so everyone would get a bit of me. Just one little piece.

This of course is not possible; there is no way one can make oneself into a balloon or blow up, or anything like that. But it’s not bad, it’s not at all bad to look at the skies that are not much of a blue. It’s ok not to have a sandwich with strawberry jam by the hand. For it makes us strive to find something else, something brighter. It makes us dream.

And when you dream, you create — be it music, writing, singing, or whatnot — and you do share a bit of yourself.”

I write when I feel like it; words, they just flow out of me, and that’s to me just one of the most fun ways for expressing myself, improving my English, and maybe some other things also.

I’ve got a ticket — a free one — for a Zoom English club meeting. It’s gonna be cool!

I speak to some imaginary friends as well, like in my head, listen to music, watch movies and stuff on YouTube. I like everything. Oh, I haven’t mentioned reading. I read The Lorax today! Oh, that is some book. :)


Thank you very much for this video! There are no people in my environment with whom I can practice, and this is very sad. My only practice is correspondence with a foreign friend. She’s from Finland, so she doesn’t write in perfect English. But at English lessons at my university, I understand that I speak very badly, because there is no practice of speech. Thanks to your explanation, I understood what i need to read, how to listen to music and how to imitate speech). I also understood the importance of writing in practice, its significance. I think my level will really improve if I follow your words. I really liked the explanation of the meaning of the pace of speech, both in dialogue and in music. Listening to my favorite artist (Michael Jackson), I really start to feel the speed of the language. I will definitely read fiction books, because I got practically no information from reading other books. I will imitate my favorite artists through listening and watching their interviews.

Vasilieva Katya

Thank You James. The session was really engaging and I was attentive throughout the video and took a note on where I should improve. Good Job. Keep it Up


Thank you very much for the video! Unfortunately, the only way for me to practice English is listening to music or watching films in original voice acting. It really helps to catch and keep some words and phrases in mind, especially if the talk is about musicals which I like the most (oooooh yeeeeah… singing and acting along is something I wouldn’t trade for any type of activity)! Songs switch with regular speech so unpredictably that you have to adapt your brain constantly and it makes sense for such a lazy person like me:) Such kind of “pressure” helps my mind to be more flexible.
The idea with cards seems great (after a good portion of thinking) and it is the solution for me (not only for me, to be honest). The feeling of helplessness, at least, is my best friend during English lessons, when the right word does not come over my tongue… So, I hope that your tips will open a door to improvement of my language skills. During watching the lesson, I found out that my attention was caught by your easy-going manner and nice sense of humor. I believe that the tips of a person who makes me smile must work)

Sveta Borisova

Thank you James. This video is really helpful


thank you a lot, I just saw that Lecture I thing its very useful for me!


Thanks James, From Hong kong

Jeremy Lee

Thank you so much.
Great and amazing tools to learned, improved and master English communication.


thank you james, it was realy fun watching your videos its always enlightning.
well for me I use 3 methodes, i love listning to music reading and also writing in my jornal even my vocabular is a bit poor but im working on it .


Thank you James. All methods are important to improve my skills. However, does anybody want to be my partner to practice English?


Thank you for the lesson. I think all methods are important. But facing is new to me. By the way, I’m a Japanese. You were mimicking Japanese. It was very funny and you may judge us correctly. It is new discovery.


You are my favourite English teacher. You are so funny mate. “You bounce to the beat” – Yo man Yo. You entertain me a lot. It’s a such pleasure to watch your lessons.


thanks James, could you please when you get the chance, explain to us the use of “either-or”?


Hi, teacher thinks you.

I brahim 131

It was a very helpful and fun video. Thank you!


Very interesting lesson and now I´m thinking about my Homework!!!
Thank you one more time Teacher James.

Denise Pimenta

thanks for lessons.i want improve my speacing.i need teache or other partnior for everyday practice

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