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First! 10/10

Profile photo of mescal mescal

    You look like a real Mexican Mescal, but you aren’t, are you? Do you drink mescal? I do not know why, but I doubt it; I do, especially on weekends.

    Congrats, you did pretty well on the quiz.

    Bye for now.

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      Talking about rain, I wanted to share this idiom with all of you:

      I always put aside some money every moth for a RAINY DAY. I do not usually grab an umblella, I grab my piggy bank.

      Thanks very much Alex for your precious time and commitment.

      Profile photo of Regino Regino

      Hi Regno, Mescal is the Mexican’s Name Who you see in the little picture. He is The most famous awesome ugly character il the best italian western film ever shooted. THEY CALL ME TRINITY as well as the sequel THEY STILL CALL ME TRINITY.

      Profile photo of mescal mescal

        Hi Regno, Mescal is the Mexican’s Name whose you see in the little picture. He is The most famous awesome ugly character il the best italian western film ever shooted. THEY CALL ME TRINITY as well as the sequel THEY STILL CALL ME TRINITY.

        Profile photo of mescal mescal

          Both films acted by Terence Hill (trinità the right devil’s hand) And Bud Spencer (Bambino, Trinità’s brother and left devil’s hand). Search the Whole films on the internet, you Will love them

          Profile photo of mescal mescal

    Hhello my all italians friends…
    Ho bisogno di pratica per il mio italiano.
    e-mail me than skype or messanger or facebook messanger….thanks…

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hardly won’t never be an adverb, keep in mind!!
9/10 :/

Profile photo of marco marco

    Now, I’ll keep that in mind..9/10:(

    Profile photo of RosyRain RosyRain

      Got 10/10, nice lesson

      Profile photo of tacagero tacagero

    In fact there is hardly as an adverb which has another meaning that is “barely” .
    take care.

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I got 10/10 thank you Alex for this support, it’s so useful to learn it, when we’re in the rain to explain about it more clearly…

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Ukrainian translation

Гей, хлопці. Я Алекс. Спасибі наклацали. І людина, це дійсно йде до нас. Так, сьогодні, вам пощастило. Я був натхненний, щоб поговорити про дощ з вами, хлопці сьогодні. В запасі, у мене є багато лексики, іменники, дієслова, вирази, слова, пов’язані з дощем і поговоримо про це.

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Thank you for the lesson…

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Useful lesson for rain, 8/10 thanks very much

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The lessons of EngVid get better day after day!! Thanks!

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We can also talk about the flood, which is the situation when the water of the rain covers everything on the ground.

Profile photo of Valderí Andrade Valderí Andrade

Useful vocabularies

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    You from Indonesia Purnomo?

    Profile photo of Rustam xsm Rustam xsm

Cool! How funny teaching while holding an umbrella !

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i’m glad i got 10/10

Profile photo of lamine bezaz lamine bezaz

thanks you verymuch. I’m so glad for this lesson because it’s very useful!

Profile photo of tranducquanueh tranducquanueh

what can I say… Great lesson.
Here is raining right know. Cool!
Thank you!

Profile photo of MarcioBJ MarcioBJ

8 correct out of 10. :)

Profile photo of Cristian Gutiérrez Cristian Gutiérrez

Great site it’s really helpful. More power!

Profile photo of aliyyhaqqani aliyyhaqqani

9 correct out of 10 :) Oh, you don’t have a raincoat, Alex? Me neither. I don’t like raining…. Because the washing won’t dry. Thank you, Alex :)

Profile photo of Happy04 Happy04

100. Very nice classe I really get more for my improvement here than in any kind of English school in my country. Thank you so much.

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thanks engvid

Profile photo of asmaakter1987 asmaakter1987

It`s so easy to understand! Thanx!

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First Quiz

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I got 9 out of 10. Nice lesson , thanks Alex. I want to add one more idiom to this topic “rain cats and dogs” which means the pouring rain.

Profile photo of gvardiola gvardiola

    hey, i was told that this expression is way too old and no one uses it any more, funny thing is that on the territory of post soviet republic our teachers still continue to give the idiom :P

    Profile photo of siv313 siv313

Hello,Alex! Thank you for the lesson. What about raining cat and dog?

Profile photo of Elen Sheff Elen Sheff

Great, it’s been a beautiful lesson.. and very useful for my plans to travell in London at the end of this year ahah ;)

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i’ve got 10/10

Profile photo of sunnykova sunnykova

thank u for everything

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Thanks a lot alex for your wonderful lesson with umbrella. I love it.

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I got 8/10. I have to study harder.

Profile photo of wpdnrfb wpdnrfb

I only make a one mistake. I chose “coming down hardly” instead of “coming down hard”
I oftent make this mistake :
Hard or hardly, clear or clearly, ect ?
Please could you give us a lesson about the right use of adverbs thanks kind regards

Profile photo of vilainpetitcrapaud vilainpetitcrapaud

I got 10/10. Very useful lesson Alex. I can understand every word that you say. Thanks for help us and sharing knowledge.

Profile photo of Julio Primus Julio Primus

hello, greetings from Chile. Could you please prepare a lesson for undestanding the differences between with, along and alongside?
in advance thanks
best regards.

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Thank you so much Alex :)

For the colleagues who wants to practice his English please feel free to be in touch on WhatsApp

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Hey! If you guys wanna talk with me by english. Just add my skype’s hiep.dai.duong@live.com. I’ll replay

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    Profile photo of mrduongdaihiep mrduongdaihiep

    Hi,I´m Jairo will be nice practice english wit you I´ll add you at skype, the mine is turismomonarca@hotmail.com


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    I wanna talk by english but i dont have skype. Dude you have whatsapp or FB

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9/10 …That was an incredible class!!

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wow, its great, thanks teacher so much

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Profile photo of erickairias erickairias

I got 10/10 i’m satisfied.
Alex thank you for all that you do for us.

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10/10 I’m singing in the rain, just singing in the rain…..
It’s raining buckets, so let’s catch the poodle for a walk and hope he’ll drown in one huge puddle. That crazy dog….poodle, where are you? come here doggy, …poodle!!?, come heeeeeeere dog.

Profile photo of Jorge Pedroso Jorge Pedroso

I got 100% i am amazing. I am from cancun México and i would like to práctica my reading inglish with a americano this is my whatsapp if anyone wants thanks

Profile photo of colorado29 colorado29

I ca 7/10, great because I am new here. I liked this one!

Profile photo of Hellen Jesus Hellen Jesus

8/10 – Hello, Alex! Thanks for the class. I didn’t know some words about rain. Now I’m looking forward for the next rainy day. (haha)
I learned a lot today.
Take care, and pay attention on the weather forecast news.
:) Bye!

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heheh awesome easy quiz….

Profile photo of saniya shaikh saniya shaikh

9/10 not bad.. thanks for the lesson alex..

Profile photo of gugunbas gugunbas

“Watch out for that puddle”-Meaning?

Profile photo of Abinaya N Abinaya N

    It means ‘don’t put your feet on it’ or you’re gonna wet your shoes.
    It’s just like ‘watch you step.’

    Profile photo of ivani ivani

I enjoyed very much the lesson.

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Profile photo of Menghan Menghan

I like it.

Profile photo of Menghan Menghan

Congratulations Alex!!! Very creative and well produced lesson. Well done! My compliments. Marco (Sao Paulo, Brazil).

Profile photo of Marco Marx Marco Marx

Enjoy your English class.Thank you!

Profile photo of jennyli jennyli

Thanks a lot ! :D

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10/10! Great lesson, as always, Alex. Thank you! :D

Profile photo of Taylor Mcknight Taylor Mcknight

10/10 :)

Profile photo of dannzynh dannzynh

Thanks Mr. Alex!

Profile photo of Yusuf Estes Yusuf Estes

OMG! I got 9 out of 10. It is coming down hard not hardly, Great lesson.

Profile photo of iconica15 iconica15

    same mistake for me (It is coming down hard not hardly)

    Profile photo of haider j touma haider j touma

thank you its nice lesson

Profile photo of obyBakkorh obyBakkorh

Another very useful lesson, Alex. I did 9/10. Thanks.

Profile photo of ivani ivani

It’s a good lesson, especially in using effects and being in the situation.

Profile photo of Ahmed Badr Ahmed Badr

10/10 it”s awesome!!!!! Thanks teacher!!!!

Profile photo of Stellita Stellita

You got 9 correct out of 10 :)

Profile photo of GhadeerSaber GhadeerSaber

It’s raining cats and dogs

Profile photo of ocastillo ocastillo

9/10, first lesson done! Going to get better :)

Profile photo of maciejkostrz1 maciejkostrz1

Thank you for this lession.
So many useful words for me!

Profile photo of trungcong24 trungcong24

Thanks, Mr. Alex !! :)

Profile photo of daniel20su daniel20su

I really enjoyed that lesson&found it very useful!!thx teacher Alex

Profile photo of Tamer Aly Tamer Aly

Thanks, Mr.Alex :)

Profile photo of Channdet ou Channdet ou

    10/10 i’m satisfied.
    Alex thank you for all that you do for us.

    Profile photo of tendag tendag

i got 7 out of 10 what is my level?

Profile photo of abbasarasteh abbasarasteh

10/10 thanks for lesson

Profile photo of NinaNice NinaNice

Thank You so much:)

Profile photo of kiran1ys kiran1ys

very easy and very important,big thank teacher

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Thanks a lot . It was very good lesson

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Great Lesson!

Profile photo of jcuevas jcuevas

Great lesson! thank you very much

Profile photo of AlessandroItaly AlessandroItaly

My first 10/10.

Profile photo of Erica Carvalho Erica Carvalho

I took the quiz, but now I have to go. It’s raning cats and dogs! :P

Profile photo of APicon APicon

    Not raning, raining

    Profile photo of APicon APicon

This is awesome!! Thanks for this lesson!:)

Profile photo of Renecres Renecres

Thank you alex.

Profile photo of Patchamon Patchamon

great class. I enjoyed and learned a lot with the expressions. thanks!

Profile photo of ademarcouto ademarcouto

From long time I have searched about this topic , but i didn’t get it . And now I found it

Profile photo of R5emy R5emy

First visit here,thanks Alex.

btw I get 10/10:)

Profile photo of Huishan Huishan

Hi Alex You presented a very creative lesson. I am a volunteer tutor working with students in North Western Sydney Australia and I would like to use your ideas. For the past week or so we have been experiencing very wet weather. It has been raining cats and dogs for days!

Profile photo of Fleming106 Fleming106

Good performance, Alex! A lesson on TRAIN vocabulary would be welcome as well.

Profile photo of tomek11 tomek11

thanks mr Alex good effort we wait the next

Profile photo of nehad eldsokey nehad eldsokey

thanks for the lesson

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My first test 10/10 ^^
thanks for the lesson

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Thanks for the lesson

Profile photo of nguyenmyhiep94 nguyenmyhiep94

Good lesson.

Profile photo of Vladilena Vladilena

Thank you for the lesson. I did my best in a quiz.

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thank you, i got 10.

Profile photo of willianrh willianrh

thankssss :)

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excellent thanks

Profile photo of francis francis

I have 10 of 10, because I brought my umbrella and stayed dry!)

Profile photo of karik44 karik44

Alex, thank you for you job, for all of your lessons! Once I ran into your video teaching spots on Endvid and You Tube, and have been your faithful viewer since then. I recommend your video lessons to all those studying english as your video tips are very helpful.
Your follower

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im sorry
i test this part

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I got 10-10 hmmnp (y)

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thank you very much useful lesson

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thank you my teacher

Profile photo of haider j touma haider j touma

Nice :D

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Thumbs up!! seems like I am doing well… thank you Alex.

Profile photo of jazzlearning jazzlearning

wow I also got 10/10 I’m very glad

Profile photo of qaisar shah qaisar shah

‘drizzling’ is very interesting expression. :D. thanks

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Excelent class! Thank you!

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thank you good lesson

Profile photo of dipuveluthedathodi dipuveluthedathodi

they are awesome

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Thanks Alex for this lesson.I love the Rain :-)

Profile photo of TEJALKK TEJALKK

You are a great teacher!

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Rain always makes me feel lonely!
Thanks for your lesson!

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Thanks, Alex, I enjoy the lesson.

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Profile photo of Aika22 Aika22

thanks a lot teacher … it was so helpful

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This web is funny and hepful!, I really like it. I want to learn more English each day, and this site it’s perfect to do my goals true, thanks!!!

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10/10 ))

very interesting lessons))

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Hello, this is my first visit and my first quiz as well. Thank you very much for those lessons. I hope to learn more and more. Have a good one!

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Thanks for giving me awesome lessons!

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it is great! finally, i can study english from my heart because i am scared in learning english

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Tks for all the lessons!!

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My first 9/10

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thank you 9/10

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9/10… It wasn’t so horrible as thought i could get :)

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Thank you! It’s easy and I liked this lesson!

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Thanks Alex! I got drenched of knowledge by your lesson!

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interesting. Tks Alex

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its amazing good material

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i have joined this first time. What i do?

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I loved this lesson. Thank you very much, Alex. Congratulations.

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8/10. I’ll try again and again. Thank you Alex.

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Thank you so much.

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Oh my god =] 10/10 . Thank you Alex.

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It’s a good for me.Thank you Alex.

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Alex, thanks for your lessons

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Thank you :)

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i love rainy days.i love thunder so much
thanks teacher
you are amazing

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thnx for this lesson but I wanna practice this language to remember :(

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words r small can u write bigger?

Profile photo of sweetjojo sweetjojo

Thank you, Alex!

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Alex, thank you for your videos! You are amazing teacher. Your videos are interesting, useful and I love to learn English with you. )

Profile photo of Suntown8 Suntown8

It’s so useful! Thanks a lot.

Profile photo of Blue Popcorn Blue Popcorn

It’s very useful.
Thanks, Alex

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Here in Brasil wu don´t likerainy days
Thanks alex

Profile photo of adilson0791 adilson0791

I do love rainy days but only in some situation ,because I still have to go to school every 1:00pm until 5:00pm .thanks a lot mr Alex

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Thanks a lot Alex!

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what a lesson! very very useful. Thank you. keep up the good work.

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Hi, Alex! Great video! I love rainy days. Bye! Júlio César from Fortaleza CE, Brazil.

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10/10 :) Thanks a lot Alex

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i got 10 :) thanks

Profile photo of mhace mhace

Nice ! I got Some vocabulary..

Profile photo of Sivakumar Sivakumar

Thanks for this video!
What’s about “It’s raining cats and dogs?”

Profile photo of Helen Kalinina Helen Kalinina

    It is an idiom means it is raining very hard.

    Profile photo of sumayah sumayah

Oh man. I got 90. I have wondering how to use “coming up hard” and “coming down hard”. Please, anyone helps me, because I was really confiused about that both defference

Profile photo of Iman Bogodad Iman Bogodad

Thank u,Alex. First 10/10. Thank u for this video.
“I love rainy days”, On rainy days, I love to stay inside, and read a interesting book. Take care))

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Yes 10/10. Thanks, Alex for your videos. I like them very much :D

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thanks you Alex!

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Thank you Alex! That was a really good lesson! 10 of 10 :)

Profile photo of Tanya0001 Tanya0001

    I am from Moscow too^^!
    Glad to meet you on this website!

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thank you my teacher .it were very very lesson

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Hey guys ,let’s talk in whatsapp ??!!

Profile photo of daimi daimi

Alex, very nice teacher and friendly.

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Thanks my teacher Alex

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Thank you

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I love your short lessons with vocabulary.

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90… “coming down hard”. “Hardly” is not the adverb form of hard… my mistake… Thank you :)

Profile photo of Stellla Stellla

Thank you so much, Alex

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When i see this video,it’s rainy outside with lightning and thunder.
Thank Alex,nice video

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10/10 it’s great! Thank you :)

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Profile photo of Nguyen Van Hau Nguyen Van Hau

Thanks ALex, good lesson. I got 10/10

Profile photo of Tran Thi To Uyen Tran Thi To Uyen

Got a perfect score. Thanks alex your lessons are always loud and clear for me to understand it… and you’re first on my favorite teachers list…

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I really learn many things with your lessons.Thank you so much!

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Thanks a lot, Alex!

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8/10. hic, i will try harder

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Thank you mister Alex for your work!.

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Thanks a lot ! It easy to understanding. ^^ 9/10

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7/10 :)) thanks, Alex

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Love it))) thanks

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Got 8 out of 10
Drenched not dranched
Coming down hard not coming down hardly
Thank you Alex.

Profile photo of sumayah sumayah

Il bruine dehors et j’ai bien fait d’apprécier une nouvelle leçon avec Alex….excellent comme d’hab…itude

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I got 9 correct because of my mistake.

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Good work Alex!!! thanks!!!

Profile photo of harry harry

I liked it very much! Thanks Alex!

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Hi Alex!

Great lesson again! This vocabulary is quite useful for our everyday life. I like Engvid because here we can learn helpful things that we can use in the street, at home, at work, you know, everywhere!

Thanks a lot, and see you in your next video!

Profile photo of Eduardo França Eduardo França

i found one crasy thing, so if you from Russia and you still thinking in russian, and also you are a women and you are totally drenched do not say: I’m wet, because in English it will means that you are ready for sex. But of course if you say it among russian speakers everyone will understand that you drenched

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9/10) thank you very much for this fabulous lesson)

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Thank you so much for teaching me and improve my English skill

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great explanation.thank you.

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Thank you

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10/10—-cool lesson!

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I got 10/10!! Your lessons are always great!

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I got 9/10. Coming down hard not coming down hardly.Thanks you Alex.

Profile photo of Frances Su Frances Su

Thank you, Alex! It was useful!

Profile photo of Willy Willy

Thanks for all these information. but why we say it’s coming down hard not it’s coming down hardly. what’s the difference. Thanks again.

Profile photo of nzaralqrbawi nzaralqrbawi

Thanks Alex
I would like a lesson
About all seasons of the year

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Profile photo of shihai182 shihai182

9 out of 10

Profile photo of haithem-badidou haithem-badidou

He is a cool teacher! I adore his videos. And this one is great.

Profile photo of Ramis-16 Ramis-16

Alex, thank you. It’s really fun listening to every lesson on this site. All teachers are very clear in their explanation. At the same time, I learn new words without being bored at the same time as listening to these lessons with pleasure. As a result, the addition of tests is a really good teaching interrogation method. Thank you everyone on this site.

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Thanks for this lesson Alex!

Profile photo of Jonathas Wilhem Jonathas Wilhem

Super. 100% Thx Alex!

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thank you Alex , nice lesson

Profile photo of Roberto Roberto

9/10 ))))

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Well I love rainy days and I usually like watch movies and play Xbox thanks Alex for for this lesson

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