Redundancies are unnecessary, repetitious words. They may appear before and after the main word. They make your communication longer, but not better. To improve your English, read through the list of common redundancies below and mark the ones you are familiar with. You may be surprised at how many you have been using! Omit (leave out) the repetitive word and start speaking and writing more clearly, accurately, and professionally. Some redundancies are completely wrong. Some are not wrong, but should only be used if you know why you are using them — for emphasis or differentiation.

Example of redundancy before the main word:

Wrong The final conclusion was to close the bakery.
Right The conclusion was to close the bakery.

Example of redundancy after the main word:

Wrong The companies merged together last year.
Right The companies merged last year.


Wrong reply back: They replied back yesterday.
Right reply: They replied yesterday.
Wrong repeat again: Could you repeat that again, please?
Right repeat: Could you repeat that, please?
Wrong return back: Raj returned back yesterday.
Right return: Raj returned yesterday.
Wrong cash money: Do you have any cash money?
Right cash: Do you have any cash?
Wrong very unique: Your dress is very unique!
Right unique: Your dress is unique!



  • absolutely certain
  • absolutely essential
  • absolutely guaranteed
  • absolutely necessary
  • absolutely sure


  • advance planning
  • advance preview
  • advance reservation
  • advance warning


  • completely annihilated
  • completely destroyed
  • completely eliminated
  • completely filled
  • completely finished
  • completely surrounded


  • final conclusion
  • final decision
  • final outcome
  • final verdict


  • new beginning
  • new innovation
  • new invention


  • past experience
  • past history
  • past memories
  • past records


  • still continues
  • still persists
  • still remains



  • circle around
  • circulate around


  • answer back
  • repeat back
  • reply back
  • return back
  • retreat back
  • revert back


  • advance forward
  • proceed forward
  • progress forward


  • crisis situation
  • emergency situation


  • assemble together
  • attach together
  • cooperate together
  • collaborate together
  • connect together
  • gather together
  • integrate together
  • join together
  • meet together
  • merge together


  • could possibly
  • may possibly
  • might possibly

Wrong Right
actual facts facts
added bonus bonus
all-time record record
alternative choice alternative
armed gunman gunman
ask a question ask
assemble together assemble
at the present time at present
bald-headed bald
basic essentials essentials
basic fundamentals fundamentals
best ever best
biography of his/ her life biography
bouquet of flowers bouquet
brief moment moment
classify into groups classify
compete with each other compete
current trend trend
depreciate in value depreciate
desirable benefits benefits
disappear from sight disappear
end result result
estimated at about estmated at
exact same same
face mask mask
fall down fall
fellow classmates classmates
fellow colleagues colleagues
first began began
foreign imports imports
free gift gift
frozen ice ice
future plans plans
general public public
grow in size grow
hurry up hurry
invited guests guests
irregardless regardless
joint collaboration collaboration
kneel down kneel
lag behind lag
lift up lift
natural instinct instinct
never before never
old proverb proverb
pair of twins twins
period of time time
personal friend friend
plan ahead plan
plan in advance plan
postpone till later postpone
reason is because reason is
reason is why reason is
rise up rise
round in shape round
same identical same or identical
serious danger danger
small size small
soft in texture soft
sudden impulse impulse
suddenly exploded exploded
surrounded on all sides surrounded
tall in height tall
tiny bit bit
true facts facts
undergraduate student undergraduate
unexpected surprise surprise
usual custom custom
warn in advance warn
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