English sentences are made up of words. Each word, in turn, is a part of speech. Here’s a quick review of the main parts of speech.

Category Definition Examples
Noun A person, place, thing, quality or act student, park, chair, kindness
Verb An action or existence word go, run, be, drink, study, feel
Adjective A word that describes a noun a happy person
a sunny day
Adverb A word that describes a verb, adjective, or adverb He drives carefully.
She speaks English well.
Conjuction A word that joins words, phrases, or clauses John and Mary

tea or coffee

I like you but I cannot go out with you.
Preposition A word that describes a relationship between a noun and a noun, verb, or adverb in, on, at, into, beside, above, below, with
Interjection A word that describes a sudden utterance Oh!
Pronoun A word that replaces a noun or noun phrase I admire Lili. She is an intelligent woman.

Where is John? He is at the clinic.