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A person who uses a wheelchair likely has a mobility disability.

Retard is an acceptable term.

The word handicapped is offensive to many people. What is a better word to use?

If someone is visually impaired, it means they are completely blind.

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good class teacher.

Friday, March 2nd 2012

    t want to learn speaking

    Saturday, March 17th 2012

      emme u r really gr8 teacher luv ur way

      Wednesday, July 11th 2012

        hello asma
        i am very interesting to improve my english language so if you don’t have a mind to corporate with me to do this thing,please don’t hesitate to send me an email on mohjabery@hotmail.com

        Sunday, August 19th 2012

          I’m very interested
          If you don’t mind

          Sunday, July 26th 2015

      Talking about disabilities is a real issue. So, it is important to know how to address people who suffer from a permanent disability.

      Interesting lesson with very illustrative examples.

      Thanks for sharing all this with us Emma.

      By for now.

      Friday, June 6th 2014

    I can say that minkyu is so cool. Thanks for the helpful post.

    Monday, March 19th 2012

    Thank you very much for this lesson. I am a Spanish speaker but I teach English in Costa Rica. This lesson has helped me a great deal!!!!!!!!!!

    Tuesday, May 15th 2012

    You are the best Emma!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Friday, June 29th 2012

    I like your lesson very much. Thanks. What if I use the unacceptable words? I’ll get embarrassed and must lead to peoples’ anger, you did correct me…. errmm besides have good presentation skill, you look beautiful and have charming smile, teacher..I do like u

    Wednesday, July 4th 2012

    All the best

    Monday, August 6th 2012

    hi emma thank you for learn english i love english

    Tuesday, March 5th 2013

Thank you

Friday, March 2nd 2012

Hi Ms. Emma
What is the difference between OTHER and ANOTHER? THANKS

Hi Ms.Emma
What is the diffren

Friday, March 2nd 2012

The pronounce of the word “deaf” seems a lot with “death”… A few months ago I was playing a game and the character said “I’m blind not deaf”. I’ve been thinking he was saying death but is deaf… O.O

Friday, March 2nd 2012

It’s very useful lesson!
Thank you very much!!!

Friday, March 2nd 2012

Great lesson Emma!!! you explain very well !! the website is sooo great! the best one!! it helps me a lot !!! and I would say give us more and more lessons!! thank youu!!

Friday, March 2nd 2012

    hey youssef how are you doing .
    i’m amine 23 years old from morrocco ( live in marrakesh ) the reason why i talk to you is that we’re from the same country and we have also something common
    is manifasted of speaking in english so if you are intersted to talk this my email address by the way emma you are a very good teacher this lesson is so helpfull for me thank you again and keep doing the great lessons like that

    Thursday, March 22nd 2012

      hey amine actually i want to speak to anybody who is interested in speaking and writing english . I hope you get back to me

      Wednesday, April 4th 2012

        hi am also wan some1 to talk to in english i will be happy if u call me

        Thursday, June 14th 2012

I’ll be careful with those terms. thanks 4 the free topic, u were great. untill next week hopefully.cya Emma.

Friday, March 2nd 2012

Thank you that was really helpful :)

Friday, March 2nd 2012

thnx!! Its really important to know

Friday, March 2nd 2012

Thank you very very mush ^^

Saturday, March 3rd 2012

Hello Your Lesson is very useful Thank you for your lesson

Saturday, March 3rd 2012

Very important topic. Thanks.

Saturday, March 3rd 2012

it is so important for us and it can fortify our English language.
thank you so much.

Saturday, March 3rd 2012

Very interesting lesson!Thank you very much

Saturday, March 3rd 2012

i want to some to help me …..please

Saturday, March 3rd 2012

Thank you so much.It will be help me. I think so

Saturday, March 3rd 2012

hi emma, u r doning a great job, this was a really informative video. keep it up.
can u tell me in which acsent people speak in canada and in which acsent you teachers on this site speak???????????????

Saturday, March 3rd 2012

    Hi Najma,

    My response to your question was accidently placed below Youssef Morrocco’s question. Please look there.

    Saturday, March 3rd 2012

very useful lesson as usual
thanks so much!

Saturday, March 3rd 2012

I scored 4 out of 4.that means I’m on the right way to learn english;I’m very happy for reaching this level.I know It’s not the end of the road.but also It’s not the starting of the road.thanks a lot Emma;pleas can I know your openion.

Saturday, March 3rd 2012

    Well done Youssef! I think what you have written is a good reminder for everyone. Learning English is a journey. Everyday, you advance a little and know slightly more than you did before.

    Saturday, March 3rd 2012

      Emma, what is the difference between slightly an lightly?
      Can I use both?

      Wednesday, March 13th 2013

      emma live is a journey

      Monday, March 16th 2015

      I do not know when i like you & your lesson as from. Emma.

      Tuesday, November 1st 2016

Thank you

Saturday, March 3rd 2012

I believe most of the teachers on the site are Canadian. In Canada, there are multiple accents. In general, people west of Quebec have a similar accent, while people from the East Coast of Canada share a slightly different accent.

Canadians have a very similar accent to some American states. Often, when I meet an American, I don’t notice a lot of differences in the way we talk.

Some pronunciations are different though, like ‘about’. Canadians are also famous for saying ‘eh?’.

Saturday, March 3rd 2012

    Hi, I like your accent. I understand you very well. I’m from Europe and I’ve been learnig British English in my language course. :)
    Best wishes from Poland (Cracow)!

    Saturday, March 3rd 2012

      hey guys ; i am one of the student who are intrested in learning english language . and i would be happy if i resive any request from : this is my facebook’s name ( wacky man )

      Tuesday, July 3rd 2012

yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh////i learned a lot

Saturday, March 3rd 2012

i perfectly answered the Quiz

Saturday, March 3rd 2012

Really useful lesson! Thank you very much!

Saturday, March 3rd 2012

Thanks a lot.

Saturday, March 3rd 2012

what’s the difference between “the deaf” and “people who are deaf”? why the first is offensive and the second is correct?

Saturday, March 3rd 2012

    Hi Ivan,

    In general, it is better to use what is known as people-first language. People with disabilities want to be identified as people first. If we say the Deaf, we are identifying these people only by their disability. Some think this is dehumanizing.

    There is a good wikipedia article on this:


    Sunday, March 4th 2012

      Very interesting comment Emma! great lesson!

      Sunday, June 17th 2012

      Hello Emma! Thank you for the lesson. I think it is pity that we don’t use all these “unacceptable words”. What’s wrong with the word – lame, or disabled, or homo, or black-skinned. In the near future we won’t say – father or mother because people with non traditional orientation very offensive. You will have to say – parent (for mother) and parent (for dad)… This “political correctness” goes to nowhere. We only do the language we speak insipid. The most important thing is to set up comfortable living conditions for disabled people, but not by changing the words’ meaning.

      Sunday, September 23rd 2012

        Okay, but this lesson is teaching people the words because that is what is generally acceptable now in North America. Once you know what is expected, you can choose to use whichever words you want.

        Thursday, September 27th 2012

Why in modern English people are ashamed using traditional English words. For example lame or dumb? Instead of that they constantly create some Latin origin senseless terms like mobility disability and non-vocal?

Saturday, March 3rd 2012


    I’m glad you’re questioning this. There are many different opinions on these issues and opinions differ as to what is the best way to speak about disability.

    The rationale behind changing the words we use is that words influence our thoughts. As our views on the world change, so does the language we use to describe it.

    The word dumb has a very negative meaning. For example, stupid is a synonym of dumb. If we describe people who can’t speak as dumb, we are insulting their intellect. For instance, although Helen Keller couldn’t speak, she was a very intelligent woman.

    On the other hand, some people feel that North American society is too sensitive on these issues and that we shouldn’t have to be so careful with our words.

    Regardless of what you believe, it’s important to know that if you use the wrong words, there may be consequences, especially in the workplace.

    Sunday, March 4th 2012

thank you so much u are a very nice teacher

Saturday, March 3rd 2012

Great lesson!It’s really important learn it, cause are different cultures and impressions.

Saturday, March 3rd 2012

thank u

Saturday, March 3rd 2012

Thank you! Apart of beautiful, you are a great teacher…

Saturday, March 3rd 2012

Great video! Thanks a lot!

Sunday, March 4th 2012

Thanks, tc.

Sunday, March 4th 2012


Sunday, March 4th 2012

    thank you my teacher emma i very happy because always listen to your teaching then i need more.

    Saturday, March 17th 2012

Thank You!

Sunday, March 4th 2012

That’s great !!! you speak clearly, thank you for that !!!

Sunday, March 4th 2012

Emma , could it be true that one person is both beautiful and attractive and intellectual ? It’s you. I wish you were my friend . Thank you for these great lessons (Although i know you are the best teacher in the world who dedicated your life for us to learn English , i couldn’t help complementing myself for you)

Sunday, March 4th 2012

Emma , could it be true that one person is both beautiful and attractive and intellectual ? It’s you. I wish you were my friend . Thank you for these great lessons (Although i know you are the best teacher in the world who dedicated your life for us to learn English , i couldn’t help complementing myself for you) :)

Sunday, March 4th 2012

Thank you for excellent explanation of the lesson.

Sunday, March 4th 2012

thank you very much .. really its very useful lesson and very important

Sunday, March 4th 2012

    Thank you for your comments everyone. I know this topic isn’t usually discussed in ESL classes. I’d be interested to know if there are specific words you use to talk about disability in your culture. Do you have to be careful with the words you use or are people from your culture less sensitive when talking about disability?

    Sunday, March 4th 2012

      Hi Emma. Im mexican. In our country the use of these words have changed with the time as well. Now there are more respect with people with disbility, however, there are people who still continue using offensive words, like invalid,fo example. Your lesson is great and I really apreciate that people like you make this for ESL. Thanks a lot.

      Monday, March 5th 2012

        Thank you for your comment Isidro. It’s unfortunae, but many people here continue to use offensive language when talking about disabilities.

        Monday, March 12th 2012


          Monday, March 12th 2012

Hi Emma
…It’s curios that you have chosen this topic lesson, maybe are you directly involved? However it makes you much honor.

Sunday, March 4th 2012

very important and great lesson, thank you.

Sunday, March 4th 2012

Hi Ms.Emma- Whow do you pronounce ABOUT in Canadian pronunciations?–What is the meaning of “EH” in canada? THANKS

Sunday, March 4th 2012

    Ronnie has a great new lesson on some language unique to Canada. She covers ‘eh’ in it.

    Monday, March 12th 2012

Hi Emma

This topic you taught to us is very important but it was very confused

Sunday, March 4th 2012

    Hi Crebio,

    What exactly confused you? Maybe I could explain something clearer?

    Sunday, March 4th 2012

Thanks Emma, you explained it very clearly. I really like this site. You all are expert in teaching English. Thanks for sharing your knowledge..^_^

Monday, March 5th 2012

nice sharing mam

Monday, March 5th 2012

Hello Emma,

Thank you for your good job. You do very well. Could I be informed that how many lessons are better to watch and please direct me that where will be the best point of starting I mean from which lesson I can start, and continuously follow which way?

Monday, March 5th 2012

To modify better how many lessons could be better to watch daily? Thanks I missed daily in the previous comment.

Monday, March 5th 2012

hi Emma great lesson as useula could you make a lesson for how to read a

Map direction

Monday, March 5th 2012

hiiiiiiiiii friends I want to learn english. can you help me

Monday, March 5th 2012

Dear Emma, I suppose you are a professional teacher. That means you have studied pedagogue. Am I am right? All your lessons are really great. Take care Hoppel

Monday, March 5th 2012

    Hi Hoppel,

    In response to your question, I have studied pedagogy. Thank you for your comments.

    Monday, March 12th 2012

this lesson was so good that I couldn’t help it, I translated it into spanish on my blog http://xochipillienglish.blogspot.com if you don´t mind, I¨m learning english and you all are the best teachers I´ve seen so far….

Tuesday, March 6th 2012

HI Dear Emma i am so glad to see your teaching and i like your teaching more i want to learn English good and have a lot of problem in English so i want to get some benefit from you can you accept me as your friend and some times give me some advices.i am 16 years old and please accept me like your friend and send me your Email i will be very happy. i hope you accept as your friend thanks dear. Ilyas

Tuesday, March 6th 2012

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Tuesday, March 6th 2012

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Tuesday, March 6th 2012

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Tuesday, March 6th 2012

4 out of 4. Well, thank you Emma.

Wednesday, March 7th 2012

thnk you teacher good lessn for me xxx

Wednesday, March 7th 2012

hi Emma what’s difference between most and almost

Wednesday, March 7th 2012

    Hi Mila,

    Please see my video on most and almost. After watching it, if you still have questions, please post them there.

    Monday, March 12th 2012


Thursday, March 8th 2012

Hi Emma….
How are you??
It’s your great lesson….
okay take care.

Thursday, March 8th 2012

Hi Emma,
I’ve understood almost all about this topic, except “to have a learning disability”.
Please, would U like to tell me the exact meaning? So that I can understand what happens to Tom Cruise.
By the way, I’d like to express how much I really, really love this website. I found EngVid.com a few months ago and have already learned a lot by your amazing method of teaching: useful, short and interesting topics (not boring), clear and nice teachers…
Thanks a lot EngVid Team.

Thursday, March 8th 2012

    Hi Juju,

    Thank you for your comments. A learning disability is a disability that makes learning difficult in some way. Usually it is because of a difference in the way a brain processes information.

    For example, Tom Cruise has dyslexia, a type of learning disability. This type of disability makes it difficult to read because the brain has trouble recognizing letters and symbols. I heard in Tom Cruise’s case, he gets people to read him his lines.

    Monday, March 12th 2012

Thank you that was really helpful

Thursday, March 8th 2012

Happy women’s day

Thursday, March 8th 2012

Hi, I am Sérgio from Brazil and we are taking care of the words like you guys, that´s why you lesson was perfect. Many thanks.

Thursday, March 8th 2012

Sorry, I mean “your”

Thursday, March 8th 2012

thnx!! Its really important to know

Friday, March 9th 2012


Friday, March 9th 2012

Very useful lesson.I really appreciate your endeavour to expand our horizons.

Saturday, March 10th 2012

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Sunday, March 11th 2012

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Sunday, March 11th 2012

thank you
Realy,I benefited from this lesson

Monday, March 12th 2012

Thank you everyone for watching the video and commenting on it.

Monday, March 12th 2012

I enjoy your class. I hear a lots for thing abouut disabilitys and how did i do on your test

Monday, March 12th 2012

thanks teacher for the lesson, i`m really learning too much,,

Monday, March 12th 2012

Dear amma,

You & your way of teaching, I lke
both. Even Ronni & Alex are great.

I,am an Indian, but sattled in Austria

I,am Austrian citizen, my wife and my
child too.

whenever u like to visit Austria just
contact me.

Thx once again for your leson,

Tuesday, March 13th 2012

I used to use these words like handicappe and spacial , but now i come to know that disability or disabiled is the most correct word to ,
thank u so much teacher :)

Tuesday, March 13th 2012

hello speaking of developmentally disabled.what’s the difference between
learning disability and intellectual
disability?could be math,language,biology.

Tuesday, March 13th 2012

Thanks Ronnie for ur good explanation on interview skills…as well on english teachings….

Wednesday, March 14th 2012

Thank you for the lesson, now I will be able not to offend people who have a disability.

Thursday, March 15th 2012

Hello Emma, thank you very much indeed for doing this video! I would like to ask you to make a video explaining the inversion with negative adverbs. :)

Thursday, March 15th 2012

Hello, Emma! I have a question. Will be offensive to say “He is visually challenged”? Thank you.

Friday, March 16th 2012

    Hi Mirimarini,

    I haven’t heard people use this expression before. I don’t think it is very common. When I looked the word up in a guide book, the book said that people may find it offensive.

    Again, what some people find offensive, others may find acceptable. It often depends on the person.

    Saturday, March 24th 2012

hi Emma.thaks for the lesson.it was very interestig.Im trying to seak in english but I think I can’t speak good.can you give me some advice.what I must do?thanks again

Friday, March 16th 2012

Thanks Emma, i like the way you teach.

Friday, March 16th 2012

Lots of new vocabulary for me.

Thank you Emma!

Friday, March 16th 2012

I’ve just got through this site and i would be so grateful if u could advise me with the most useful things in which i might get top benefits .

Saturday, March 17th 2012

what does ” pasta pouch ” mean ?

Saturday, March 17th 2012

    I haven’t heard this expression before. Where did you come across it?

    Saturday, March 24th 2012

Thank you very much Emma….

Saturday, March 17th 2012


Saturday, March 17th 2012

Good topics!
Thank you so much!

Sunday, March 18th 2012

Great! Thanks.

Sunday, March 18th 2012

Nice Video.. Great teaching thanks madam.

Monday, March 19th 2012

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Monday, March 19th 2012

Very good teacher.

Wednesday, March 21st 2012

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i’am very happy for the video your are good teacher

Wednesday, March 21st 2012

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Thursday, March 22nd 2012

hi emma,you have given many english learners like me a very gorgeous and impressive lesson,thank you so much ,what’s more,i am able to understand the culture in Canada better,which is quite different from my country China.thanks again,best to you.

Thursday, March 22nd 2012

Many thanks for your kindness and explanation Emma.In Brazil, we are passing through the same process.

Thursday, March 22nd 2012

Iam very satisfied about this lesson thankz emma

Saturday, March 24th 2012

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Sunday, March 25th 2012

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Sunday, March 25th 2012

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Monday, March 26th 2012

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Emma your lessons are very well organised

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emma i like your lesson and i want to be your friend if it is possible could you send to me your e-mail also in order to give me some help in English by the way i am a girl from Tunisia

Tuesday, March 27th 2012

Many thanks Emma,it was a very interesting and helpful lesson,thank you for your effort to make us understand.

Wednesday, March 28th 2012

I think that this tobic is very important, but I have some questions in a different subject Are there major differences between British English and other?

Wednesday, March 28th 2012

    Hi Mada,

    Ronnie has made some great videos for this site regarding the difference between American and British English. I suggest you watch these videos.

    Saturday, March 31st 2012

Thank you Emma for this great lesson. I like your way of teaching =).

Wednesday, March 28th 2012

Hi to everyone..That was really good subject.As everybody knows that if you have some disabled person around you,they are really really sensitive about their situation.we should pay attention while talking them.Thank you very much Emma for choosing this topic!

Thursday, March 29th 2012

a nice topic,a nice teacher

Friday, March 30th 2012

Hello. how are you,Emma, I hope that you’re fine. I have a big disability, I don´t know what to do improve my listening.
Do you have any advice for me?

Saturday, March 31st 2012

Hi, i’m from Brazil.

I’m learning a lot with this site,

You are very nice teacher.

Sunday, April 1st 2012

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Sunday, April 1st 2012

Good lesson,thank you Emma.I’m from China,in our middle high school we aslo learn this ,but not native like you .

Monday, April 2nd 2012

Hi Emma, I really don’t understand this lesson, Please advice me if you have a free time for your new student I really like to learn English but I have a problem for Listening & Speaking & talking and writing. Please answer me…^_^

Tuesday, April 3rd 2012

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usefull information

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thank you ,really it is very usefull

Thursday, April 5th 2012

Hi Emma … thanks you for your class. I want ask you a question. I know a pretty song of Reo Speedwagon called “take it on the run” talked about the singer’s girlfriend who some people seen leaving with other boy …..Have you ever heard it? Well: What is the meaning of “take it on the run” in this case?

Thursday, April 5th 2012

    I’m not exactly sure. This is not a common expression, but from what I gather, I think it means ‘to hit the road’ or leave town.

    Monday, April 9th 2012

Thanks for the lesson. I learned a lot.

Friday, April 6th 2012

Thank you Very much , it really a good lesson , appreciate your great effort.

Monday, April 9th 2012

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Monday, April 9th 2012

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Tuesday, April 10th 2012

emma what is the difference b/w mental illness and intellectual disability??does’nt these both have a same meaning??

Wednesday, April 11th 2012

Good. This is what I was looking for.

Thursday, April 12th 2012

In Russian language we do not have special rules for naming disabled people. Still we try to say it in a mild way

Saturday, April 14th 2012

Your lesson is excellent! Congrats!
My doubt is: can the word maimed have non-offensive meaning in another context?
For example:
The surfer had his left hand maimed when the shark bit it.
He was maimed during the WW1.

Saturday, April 14th 2012

Hi Emma!
Thank you for such a brilliant video! This is the best video i’ve watched on your site ever! You don’t get to learn such things everyday, I totally appreciate your effort and time you’ve spent preparing for that video. I have a request for you; would you please make a video about a normal in-class conversation; things like how to ask the teacher about the material included on an exam and so on. I’ve googled such type of conversations but i couldn’t find any. One more thing please, i would highly appreciated if you could make a video on how to ask the barber or the hairdresser for a certain haircut, i know that haircut styles are endless, but at least teach us the basics.
Thank you very much.
PS; you’re a celebrity in my university in Jordan; all English majors just love you, especially after your video on disability!

Sunday, April 15th 2012

    Thank you for your kind words and video suggestions!

    Saturday, April 21st 2012

Dear Emma,
Thank you for your lesson, they helped me a lot

Wednesday, April 18th 2012

Very helpful! Than you.

Thursday, April 19th 2012

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Thursday, April 19th 2012

Great, magnificient English lesson.
Tks Miss Emma.

Friday, April 20th 2012

thank you mam about this interesting lesson . really it’s beneficial thing to learn culture .
could please tell me about another uses of word ” special”?
thank you so much

Saturday, April 21st 2012

Very Good, espaciba.

Saturday, April 21st 2012

emma another good teacher of engvid.com.thanks.

Tuesday, April 24th 2012

what does put a keep are you

Wednesday, April 25th 2012

i like the lesson

Thursday, April 26th 2012

Your lesson is excellent! Congrats!
My doubt is: can the word maimed have non-offensive meaning in another context?
For example:
The surfer had his left hand maimed when the shark bit it.
He was maimed during the WW1.

Thank you a lot!

Saturday, April 28th 2012

    Hi Lari,

    This is an excellent question. I think you would be ok with these sentences. From what I have read, there doesn’t seem to be a problem with these.

    Sunday, April 29th 2012

Yay! Full marks for the quiz again! =3

Tuesday, May 1st 2012

Emma, you are really fantastic! I would like to meet you one day.

Thursday, May 3rd 2012

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Monday, May 21st 2012

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I’ve learned a lot from this lesson.

Tuesday, May 22nd 2012

thank you very much fr your explanation. I work with people that have intellectual, psychiatric, learning disabilities! i often have problems to explain to other people what my job consists of! thank you very much!

Tuesday, May 22nd 2012

Thanks for the lesson, it is very helpful.

Friday, May 25th 2012

Hi Emma,
Yes, today we talked about a very important topic.
Thank you very much.

Sunday, May 27th 2012

It’s very organized lecture~
I Really appreciate you~

Tuesday, June 5th 2012

Hi Emma, in the sentence “Some people can not hear a thing, they are born deaf” is considered offensive if I say “can not hear at all” instead of “can not hear a thing”. Thanks. Great site, great teachers, great human beings.

Tuesday, June 12th 2012

You are a very good teacher.

Tuesday, June 19th 2012

Thanks a lot!

Monday, June 25th 2012

Thanks for the video-lesson, I really appreciate it and learnt a lot because this kind of vocabulary it’s difficult to find in the course texts. By the way STONE DEAF is a word I recently read in a novel.

Wednesday, July 4th 2012

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Thursday, July 5th 2012

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Monday, July 9th 2012

Thank you for the lesson.

Friday, July 13th 2012

Thank you so much. Actually I am disabled person. I have been Bone Illness for a long Time and take Theapie from my Home Doctor. about Bone Illness I have Limited Movement..How do you call my case disability ?? I do not think mobility diasbalitiy is my Case.

Sunday, July 15th 2012

Thank You Emma, Excellent video class.

Friday, July 20th 2012

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Wednesday, July 25th 2012

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Wednesday, July 25th 2012

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Saturday, July 28th 2012

Hi Emma!, Your lecture is useful. also, as a EFL person I am very keen to hear you. Thanks Emma.

Sunday, July 29th 2012

As always I love the way you teach since I started to take each of the tutorials I have done very well in class and my table of records has always been excellent thank you very much for your teaching Emma I hope to learn carefully alberto

Friday, August 3rd 2012

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    Saturday, February 2nd 2013

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i am from ASIA. I have started learning english three year ago, but have broblem in grammer. Kindly share method to improve the best.

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This topic is great.
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Saturday, August 18th 2012

Hi there Emma. I´m wondering if it´s true that the Canadians are particularly afraid of the dark lol!jk.I point this out because I watched not so long ago on an episode of the sitcom “How I met your mother” how some Americans at a bar mocked at the Canadian girl(Robin) saying that :) It was kind of funny.Regards.

Saturday, August 18th 2012

Thank you Emma, I won’t hurt any person with my English…. or bad expressions, but sometimes, as a beginner, it is not easy to find the right word. Regards

Monday, August 27th 2012

It is a great lesson with taboo words. As a foreigner, we often learn any wrong or rude English expressions from the massmedia such as TV, Movies, Radio and even from songs. Thank you for your great teaching. I will be careful to use expressions with diability. Cheers!

Sunday, September 9th 2012

great lesson from great teacher,thanks

Thursday, September 13th 2012

it’s really useful. thank you so much . very important to me

Friday, October 5th 2012

Dear Emma

According to English Grammar “the poor or the blind” refer to group of people, but your comment on this a bit controversy. How could you explain this to me, please.

awaiting your reply soon.

Saturday, October 6th 2012

thans alot iam agreatful so much for you

Monday, October 8th 2012

emmu ur really good teacher….. thanxx… mam.

Monday, October 8th 2012

Another interesting video from Emma,thank you very much for this lesson,i didn’t know these differences/kinds of disability but now i do and that’s because of you…GOD BLESS YOU

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Hi, Really great lesson. Thanks a lot.

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thanx alot. I couldn’t find a word to describe this lesson and you as well because I’ve used the word “Excellent” for less impressive lectures.
we need more advanced lessons from you. we are waiting you.

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how me good spekng english teel me

Friday, November 16th 2012

    And work on your spelling too.Practice with friends and speak to yourself sometimes.Those two methods worked for me and honestly,i am not a perfect speaker.There are many though, just see which method best suits you

    Thursday, September 5th 2013

thank you teacher actually it is very useful

Friday, November 23rd 2012

Amma Thenk you. But tell me please, I’m understanding almost anything you are sayng in this video, but i can’t understand for example English TV or Radio broadcasting. Doese this mean that you are speaking easy english?

Friday, November 23rd 2012

thank you teacher . you have a perfect way explain

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my name is javad i’m from iran..
my english is mediocre and i’m looking forward to chat with someone for having english practice..

my email:najafi_javad2005@yahoo.com

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Thanks Emma! I got 4/4. :)

Tuesday, November 27th 2012

Hello..I think I hear the following:…they can’t speak and hear AS WELL. Is the term “AS WELL” used as EITHER?

Thursday, November 29th 2012

way of your teaching is very good. you gave me use full information that what kind of word should be used for disabled persons.thank you Emma mam

Saturday, December 8th 2012

use of proper grammar is necessary when we are talking English?

Saturday, December 8th 2012

emma i wanna to improve me accent what shall i do and what is the way to this?

Thursday, December 13th 2012

Emma, its nice that americans are worried of this theme. In Russia people usually are more rude in this issue.

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Very good teacher

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Dear Emma,
That’s great lesson.
I’m looking forward to attending your next lesson.
Best regards
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I’m an English teacher and I must admit I found your lesson absolutely informative and useful, I’m gonna teach it in my classes. Thanks Emma. How long have you been teaching?

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Thanks Emma
Could you please tell us how to describe or to talk about a kid or person who has disability in small grade of autism ?

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You are a great teacher.I have learned a lot from you.

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that was a really nice lesson Emma
but I have an irrelevant question
is there any sort of diffrence in the use of the term “till” and “until” ???

Thursday, March 28th 2013

Sublime Emma.

Saturday, April 6th 2013

Sorry but you said in a previous answer: :Thank you for your comment Isidro. It’s unfortunae, but many people here continue to use offensive language when talking about disabilities….can I say:Thank you for your comment Isidro. It’s unfortunate, but many people here continue “using” (instead of “to use”)offensive language when talking about disabilities. Thanks in advance.

Saturday, April 6th 2013

Hi Emma, I’d like to express my high gratitude to you for this wonderful lesson. I’m an ESL teacher and i can use the vocabulary of this lesson to teach my students what to say and what not to say when talking about disability.

Tuesday, April 16th 2013

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hi emma thank you so much for ur lesson but this acceptable words are offended only in north America ?

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It is very useful.
Thank you

Sunday, April 21st 2013

Thank you Emma!)

Sunday, May 19th 2013

Emma, your lessons are very informative and helpful. I would like you to upload a video on popular expressions and idioms concerning RELIGION that native American or Canadian speakers use both formally and informally. How to be religiously correct?
Thank you very much for your proficiency and dedication!

Monday, May 20th 2013

hi teacher Emma .computer ii’s very important device in our life . we never accept disease effect it, but according of the your lesson we discover it is offend, computer disability deaf by used word mute this is offend or not .thanks

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Fantastic!a whole mental and physical disability was taught.With these examples,they couldnot get any better.A natural teacher.Nothing else i have for her

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Hi Emma if a person have limit education ;What type of disability expression must I say

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Thanks Emma Mam. This lesson is really helpful for me. I’ll attend on SAT exam this year and if by the grace of Almighty i got good marks i’ll move USA for higher study.
I might happen that i’ll get my disable friends but i don’t know how to talk with them ,with proper words. then it could be an awful situation. But as i watched you lesson so it wont be happen :)
I appreciate you this lesson highly. :)
Best wishes.

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Emma you are Excellent. The interesting parts of your lectures are ,you also give the real life examples such as Stephen Hawking is a mobility disabled. Also you gave info about Tom Cruise and Van Gough with whatever disabilities they do have. I think this is the first time I am leaving a comment on EngVid. Great work

Monday, November 10th 2014

Hey professor I`d like from you more videos about reading and listening IELTS Exam. On this location you don`t have enough videos. Please teacher

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Hi, it’s very useful lesson, thank you very much Emma.

Emma, are you from Canada? I asked because I looking for a good English course and job in Canada. I am Income Expert in goverment of Turkey and I am looking for a job but I don’t know if it is better to work in Canada.

And my friends in engvid, if your want to improve your english in Skype please add me!


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Thanks Emma. This is a subject that I like very much. I am volunteer with people with intellectual disabilities, and I want to do a College, maybe in Occupational Therapy, to help them.and I want to do a College, maybe in Occupational Therapy, to help them. Is there a waym to we record our development in this site? The videos that we saw, quiz score, etc…

Sunday, March 8th 2015

Happy women day!!!

Sunday, March 8th 2015

Happy women’s day !!!

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Thank you Emma! It’s very useful lesson, sometimes we use this offensive words without to know it.

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Nice video and it is very helpful to me. Please continue sharing lesson like this. Thank you.

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Is a question for you, Are you a native teacher? because your accent is pretty fluent, but you are a nice person and most important you have a excelent way to teach this language.

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10Q Emma!

Saturday, June 20th 2015

Hi Emma your lessons are the best but need more explanations, and more examples also time is very short

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1. How can I take an exam in IELT or TOFEL by INTERNET?
2.And how can I give payment?
3.do there are any document to read for preparation for this exam?

I see that the way of asking in Q3 is wrong need help for fixing my mistakes

Tuesday, August 11th 2015

I want to ask you can I?
1. How can I take an exam in IELT or TOFEL by INTERNET?
2.And how can I give payment?
3.do there are any document to read for preparation for this exam?

I see that the way of asking in Q3 is wrong need help for fixing my mistakes
than you

Tuesday, August 11th 2015

It is really a class about North American culture.
Very good!

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You got my big heart❤ teacher Emma. ^_^

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Good one! Very insightful. Thank you.

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Your lessons help me a lot, Emma… Great!

Monday, November 2nd 2015

thanks Emma as always was a necessary lesson; in my family there is several people with psychiatric disability, here in my country is offense too almost all word that you pointed like unacceptable, it’s very significant the respectful manner that you were driving the lesson, I am a male nurse and I could feel how is better to use the correct word to every person…Best wishes

Wednesday, December 2nd 2015

    pretty good comment

    Thursday, April 5th 2018

I got it.
thank you, Emma.

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really good human teacher, I feel pity for all disabled persons and hope that things will be improved by the time, all the best for you Emma

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Monday, April 30th 2018

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Emma where can I find your definition of disability?

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