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Ok, Ronnie I like the lesson. Thank you.

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Hi dear Ronnie
I’m intermediate in English, but i need a schedule to practice every day with motivation and enthusiasm .
can you help me ??


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Hello Ronnie, Happy new blur ring , , lol , It’s beautiful ,

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Amazing lesson Ronnie! Dig into watching your videos!

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Thank you Ronnie I start learned English here and I always back, amazing work guys.

Profile photo of Emerson Alves dos Santos Emerson Alves dos Santos

Hi Ronnie, interesting lesson today. Easy “Quiz” questions.
Work hard listening over and over again and repeating what we hear. Repeat this every day.
Thank you for your work.

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Hi I’m watching engvid first time..it is interesting..I like the vedio thank you..

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You’re great !

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Hello Ronnie I watch this vedio again..and realized that. You are absolutely right by reading our textbook there is no use in our existing life..

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Wow I like the way you’re teaching……Thank you.

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Tsk! I got 10 out of 10!

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Thank you Ronnie

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I got 10/10 and hope receive your feedback, but How can I take it? maybe tell me your email so I can give my record to you and take your feedback, but I know that’s personal yours, i don’t sure you share to me, anyway thank you very much for inspired learning English for me

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Know i can understand how can i improve my english. thank you Ronnie

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thank you very much dear teacher
i connect with you and your lessons are so useful.

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